In this article, we will be teaching you how to Download WhatsApp on Tablets. Tablets were created to be a mini PC. More like A mini workstation. Unlike all PC/Laptops that do not have sim slots. Some tablets do have and some others do not have a sim slot and have to depend solely on WI-FI Connections to access the internet. Just like the PC.

WhatsApp does not support the use of its app on PC and Tablets, except using the WhatsApp website to access an already logged in account on mobile. This might be a huge problem for people who use only tablets and do not want to buy a smartphone phone just to use WhatsApp. Thankfully, there is workaround and you can now use to get WhatsApp working on your Tablets.

Download WhatsApp on Tablets

Traditionally, if you access the Google play store in search of the social messaging app; WhatsApp from your tablet, you will not see it. You will have go through a rather long way to get app working on your tablet. It doesn’t end there, you will also have to keep updating it manually by downloading and installing newer version.

Anyway, I am sure tablets users will be happy to know that they can actually Download and use the WhatsApp app on their tablets. And also be willing to go through anything just to get.

How To Download WhatsApp On Tablets

⚫ First of all you have to enable your tablet to Accept the installation of Apps asides from Google Play Store by Going to Settings and Click on Security and Toggle On the Allow Installation Of Apps From Unknown sources.

Launch any browser of your choice, Search and Download “WhatsApp Apk”. Then Locate the WhatsApp.apk file on your file manager and Install.

⚫ Alternatively, You can get a phone with WhatsApp and Xender Installed. Launch the Xender, Pair the two device then send and Install the WhatsApp App.

⚫ After the installation Of WhatsApp, Launch it like you would usually do on a smartphone.

⚫ Input Your Location and add The Phone Number you would like to use. Select Verification method, Either Call or SMS.

⚫ A Code would be sent to that number or you would get a Call with a code depending on the verification process you choose. Input the code in the space provided in the WhatsApp App.

⚫ That is it. You are now on WhatsApp. If you have contacts saved. You should be able to see them in the Contact list and if not, then you will have to add new contacts.

Caution: Make sure you do not download a virus posing as a WhatsApp apk on the internet. Also, do no forget Head back to Security in your Settings to Turn Off the Allow Installation from Apps from unknown sources when you are done.

Note: Since you did not download the app from the Google play store and still not allowed to update it rom there. You would have Download a new WhatsApp apk and install it when a new version comes out. Or you can send the updated version from a friend’s phone using xender, flashare or any other file sharing app.


I still do not understand why WhatsApp do not want to make WhatsApp downloadable on tablets straight from the google play. Anyways, you now know how to download WhatsApp on Tablets so there will no need to get a smartphone just for WhatsApp.

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