Instagram Data
Instagram Data

This article contains steps to take in order to download your Instagram Data.

Instagram is a photo and video Sharing platform which is currently owned by Facebook. Given the recent uproar that was as a result of the data leak concerning Facebook that leads to the new GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) Law. All major sites have been reevaluating their privacy policy to suit the new law.

Instagram Data

They’ve also been a lot more transparent in their dealings with our data that they have; Telling us what data they have about us and how they intend to use said data. Most importantly, they’ve given an avenue for users of their website, services or products to be able to download everything they have one them.

We’ve talked What Apple knows about you as an apple product user, What WhatsApp also knows about you and lastly, Everything Google knows about you. That is if you use any of their products or services like Gmail, YouTube, Google or even an Android device. It’s now Instagram’s turn and we will be helping you figure out just how to download all your Instagram data.

Although you can’t download your data from the Instagram app for both iOS and Android, but you can do so from their website. The process is pretty easy and straightforward, so without further ado, let’s get right to it.

How To Download Your Instagram Data

Make sure you have the Instagram app installed and Signed In on your phone before you begin. (Very Important)

  • Using an internet enabled device, access or go to the Instagram Website
  • Log In to your account if you aren’t already logged in and click on the Gear Icon Next to your Edit Profile Option.
  • Select Privacy and Security.
  • Scroll Down To Data Download and Click On it.

  • Click on Request Download.

  • If you email doesn’t pop then input your email address (must be the one attached to that Instagram account) and Click on Next.

  • Input your password and Tap Request Download.

After you’ve done the above, Instagram will now create a new folder on your phone which will contain all the photos and videos you have shared on the platform. This process isn’t instantaneous. Downloading all your data to the newly created folder might take up to 24 hours or more depending on how many pictures and videos you have on your profile.

Also, your data connection might take a hit if you’ve uploaded a lot of photos and videos to Instagram as it will need to download all of it using an internet connection. It might be best to stay connected to a WiFi Network for the next couple of days until the download is done.


That is how to simply download your Instagram data. Got a friend using Instagram? Be sure to share this article with them and remember to always stay aware; Get to know what these sites you use on a daily basis know about you. If possible, how you can limit the data you share with them.

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