By now you must have heard about Cryptocurrencies, most especially Bitcoin. Other Cryptocurrencies include Dashcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin just to name a few. We will be teaching how to earn those free Cryptocurrencies in this article.

Free Cryptocurrencies

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Well, according to Wikipedia “a Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.” In a nutshell, a Cryptocurrency is an online currency and can only be used and spent online unlike the traditional physical currency.

Cryptocurrencies are also decentralized, meaning that the system is being run by a network of computers without human interference. The network of computers verifies and Carries out transactions independently without help from humans. Cryptocurrencies can only be sent and received online using any internet enabled device like smartphones, tablets or PC.

A digital wallet is also required in order to store your Cryptocurrencies. There are many digital wallets out there to choose from. These digital wallets serve as banks for storing and transacting your Cryptocurrencies. You will need one to be able to store the Cryptocurrencies you are going to be earning. So make sure you get one before starting this process.

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrencies

There are numerous sites that give rewards in Cryptocurrencies for completing certain tasks on their website, or watching videos or just viewing ads. Some of these sites are fake and promise what they can not give while some are genuine. I have managed to compile a list of genuine paying faucets. (sites that give you free Cryptocurrencies for viewing the ads on their websites) These Faucets are:

  1. MoonBitcoin
  2. MoonLitecoin

  3. MoonDogecoin

  4. MoonDashcoin

  5. MoonBitcoinCash

  6. BitFun

  7. BonusBitcoin

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All these are paying faucets. All you have to do is to bookmark, register and visit those sites anytime you are free to claim the accumulated Cryptocurrencies. You can visit as often as every 15 minutes or just once or twice a day. Just know that the more frequently you visit the site, the more you earn.

Visit the Coinpot Website which is a micro-wallet for those faucets to manage all your coins. On the Coinpot Website, you can check your available balance of all your Cryptocurrencies, exchange a Cryptocurrency for another Cryptocurrency and also withdraw any of the available Cryptocurrency of your choice to your wallet.

Let’s say you’ve claimed lots of different Cryptocurrencies and you only just want Bitcoin. You can simply access your Coinpot account and exchange all the other Cryptocurrencies for Bitcoins and withdraw just the Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet.

Note: Make sure you avoid those HYIP (High yield investment programs) you will see on those faucets. Those sites promising ridiculously high ROI(Return On Investment) for your Cryptocurrencies. They are just looking to scam you of your hard earned Cryptocurrencies.


This is not a get rich quick scheme but it is definitely one of the best ways to earn free Cryptocurrencies, especially if you have enough data to spare. You can also just visit those faucets during your free time to get some free Cryptocurrencies to play around with.

If you are new to the world of Cryptocurrencies, then you might want to try it out. Get some free Cryptocurrencies, transact with it and see how the whole stuff works.

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