Ubuntu linux cloud os 2
Ubuntu linux cloud os 2

Apart from the packages available on the Snap Store and Software Center, you can install applications on the popular Linux distribution using Debian files. Within this guide today, we will explain specifically how to easily install DEB packages on Ubuntu using two very simple methods.


Installing DEB packages on Ubuntu through the terminal may be difficult, especially for beginners. For this, you can work around this problem by using a special installation tool such as GDebi or QApt. These two programs will be the subject of today’s tutorial.

How to easily install DEB packages on Ubuntu with GDebi

The GDebi app can be installed on all Debian- based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. With this app, the installation of DEB packages downloaded from the Internet is much simpler, offering users the possibility of accessing various interesting features such as the automatic resolution of any dependency-related problems. So, if you are trying to simplify the installation of a DEB package on Ubuntu, then GDebi will surely be for you.

To proceed with the installation of this program, simply open the terminal and run the command sudo apt install gdebi. Alternatively, you can install GDebi also via the Software Center of Ubuntu using the specific search function and proceeding with the installation by pressing the button Install.

Once GDebi is properly installed, you are now ready to use it. First, you need to download the DEB package of the program you wish to install on your computer. After that, open the Linux file manager, go to the download folder and look for the Debian file you just downloaded. To open it in GDebi, simply double-click on the package. If the latter does not open automatically with the installation program, you will need to right-click on it, choose Properties and click on the Open with tab. Through the proposed screen, select GDebi Package Installer and confirm by clicking on Set as default.

At this point, by double-clicking on the DEB package, the Package Installer window will appear. Within this, you can find out more information about the package you are going to install via the Description tab, the status of the dependencies (whether they are satisfied or not) and so on. To proceed with the installation, simply press the Install package button. Once the message Installation completed, click on Close to complete the operation.

How to easily install DEB packages on Ubuntu with QApt

As an alternative to GDebi, we suggest you try QApt. It is a QT based app dedicated to all Debian based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. This program can easily adapt to different operating systems with a KDE graphical environment and provides features very similar to the program seen above. QApt is able to manage DEB packages and install them without any problems, including dependencies.

To start, open the terminal and run the sudo apt install qapt-deb-installer command to proceed with the installation on your Ubuntu PC. Completed correctly, open the default browser and proceed with downloading the DEB package of the program to be installed on the computer.

Once this is done, open the Linux file manager, go to the download folder and double-click on the Debian file to open it via QApt. Just as seen with GDebi, if the DEB package does not open automatically with this app, you will have to follow the same steps to set it as default.

Once the DEB file is open, click on the Install package button and then enter your account password to proceed. To specify that in the screen you will also find a description of the package together with the dependencies that will be installed and other useful information.

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