travel history of Google Maps
travel history of Google Maps

It is not uncommon to see areas in cities misrepresented on Google Maps. Locations on Google Maps can be misspelled or mistaken for another. In cases like this, ordering for pizza or directing a delivery guy becomes a bit of stress.

If you live in a location where its details are misrepresented or misspelled, here is how to edit and correct it. you should note that you can only suggest an edit to Google who will then review and make the necessary corrections when the review is done. you can suggest edits about the name of a place, address, marker, location, and hour.

How to edit Google Maps on Android

  • On your Android phone, open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in
  • Search for a location or tap it on the map
  • Scroll down till you see “Add a missing place
  • Follow the instruction, fill the required space with correct information.
  • Select send.

The same process is applicable to iPhone or iPad users.

How to edit Google Maps on your computer

Editing Google Maps on a computer is similar to editing on an android phone.

  • Open Google Maps on your computer and sigh in
  • Navigate to a location of the search for it in the search box
  • On the left, scroll down and select “Add a missing place
  • Follow the instruction and click “Submit” when you’re done

NOTE: if you’re using Maps in Lite mode, you will be unable to Suggest an edit.

It might take time before your suggested edit is updated on the Map. Google will have to review, email you about the status of your edits and in some cases, they may forward questions to you.

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