How to Enable and Disable Voice Chat in Realm Royale

One of the options available to users in Realm Royale is voice chat. This option can be used when you are playing the game with teammates. It also comes with a few customization options. For example, you can choose to open mic, volumes and whether you want to disable voice chat altogether and push to talk. For now, I am not sure whether voice chat only works with teammates or any players within proximity.

How to Enable Voice Chat in Realm Royale

First of all, you need to go to the main menu of the game. From here, click the ‘Options’ button. This should open the Options screen. From here you will see different tabs at the top. These tabs allow you to look through different settings which you can change. Go to the Audio tab.

Enable Voice Chat option in the settings

Among the first options on the screen, you should see ‘Enable Voice Chat.’ Make sure to enable this option if you want to talk in game and disable it if you don’t want to. There are a few more options below that.

Configuring the Push to Talk option

The next option is the “push to talk” option. This is where your voice will only transmit through the game when you press down a specific key or button. The key set by default for this option is the letter ‘T’ on a keyboard. However, you can edit this option. Simply go to the Bindings tab at the top of the screen, and you should know what to do from there.

If you turn off voice chat, you will have an open microphone instead. This means that players in your team will always be able to hear you. The last two options on the screen are Speaker Volume and Microphone Volume. Both options simply adjust how loud other players sound on your device, as well as how loud you sound to other players. You can edit these settings to your preference. Enjoy!

Make sure to leave any comment if you have any issues or anything you may not understand.


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