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If you do not know about Quibi right now, you are sleeping on one of the best streaming video platforms right now. Unlike its rivals, Quibi’s content is particularly made for mobile phones and can be watched in either horizontal or vertical video, and users will be able to shift between them in the same video seamlessly.

In fact, rather than being a service that displays 30 minutes TV episodes or 120 minutes movies, Quibi content can be accessed in episodes of 10 minutes or less. It is indeed one of the best video streaming service right now as it is already competing with heavyweights like Netflix and Hulu.

When you are viewing clips on your device in an application like Quibi, subtitles referred to as “Closed Captioning” is not just a vital tool to ensure you follow what is being said, it also lets you play clips quietly and still enjoy what you are watching.

If you are not aware, there are 2 ways to use subtitles in Quibi. You can either activate them while you watch a clip ordinarily or simultaneously mute audio and enable captions with one swipe. And all of these are not complicated in any way.

When you activate subtitles and captions, you will be allowed to select between English and English (CC). The close captions come with both dialogue and several descriptions like sound effects and musical cues, while the English option possesses just the dialogue. See How To Enable Subtitles On Quibi:

How Can I Enable Subtitles On Quibi?

  • Begin to watch a clip on the Quibi application.
  • If no player controls are visible, click the display.
  • Way down on the screen, click “CC.”
Enable Subtitles Quibi
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  • Click the language you want.
Enable Subtitles Quibi
Photo credit: Business Insider
  1. Disable Closed Captioning exactly the same way.

How Can I Mute The Audio And Enable Subtitles On Quibi?

  • Begin to watch a clip in the Quibi application.
  • Click the video and scroll upwards.
  • As soon as an icon is visible that resembles a muted speaker, move your finger over it and then release your finger. The audio will instantly be muted and captions will be visible.
Enable Subtitles Quibi
Photo credit: Business Insider

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