How To Ensure Your Android Phone's Screen Is On For Longer?

If you've ever hoped for the screen on your Android phone or tablet staying on longer before sleeping, we feel your pain. Fortunately, this can simply be adjusted in the settings with just some clicks. Not just that, you can block your Android phone from sleeping as it charges as well.

"Screen timeout" is the time it takes for your Android device to go to sleep i.e for the screen to turn off after you've stopped pressing anything. For lots of customers, this is fine., but there will come a time when you will hope that your smartphone won't go to sleep so rapidly.

Lets say you are staring at a recipe on your tablet in the kitchen, your hands are full of food, and you have to progress to the next step. Or you are reading a walkthrough for a video game and only intend to want to find out what to do next without pausing. This is how you can get your screen to stay a little longer.

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To begin, head to the Settings > Display. Here, you will see a Screen timeout or Sleep setting. Clicking this will let you change the time it will use up before it sleeps.

Decide on the timeout option you fancy, and you are through. Bear in mind that the display is one of the biggest users of your battery.

Keep Your Phone Awake While Charging

Android gives you the option to stop your mobile device or tablet from sleeping while it's charging. Before anything else, you have to unlock Developer options.

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As soon as Developer options is activated, tick the Stay awake box to ensure your mobile device does not sleep as you charge it. Definitely, using the power button will power the screen off, should you plan to get some shut eye at night.

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