How to exit the Youtube app and keep listening to music

Normally, when you exit the YouTube app on your mobile phone, playback stops automatically. It is the same if the screen is off while playing a video. With this operation you can not play a game or use another application and, at the same time, leave background music on YouTube, for example.

There are several solutions to this behavior of the YouTube application. The interesting thing about the three tricks below is that two of these do not require the installation of additional applications.

Those already in the phone are used, like the same YouTube app or the Google Chrome app. Furthermore, everything works without root.

How to use YouTube in the background


In order to listen to YouTube videos in the background on Android, you’ll need Google Chrome. Now, go to the YouTube website from there and click on the three points in the upper right part of the window.

When you are inside that menu, select “Request desktop version”. So you can watch YouTube as if it were a computer. Play the video you want and when you see a message asking if you want to receive notifications, accept.

Now minimize the app and keep listening to your video, it’s that easy!


In iOS, you will also need to use the browser, but instead of Chrome, download Dolphin. Go to YouTube, choose a video and that’s it, now you can play from the Control Center of your iPhone.

How to use YouTube and another application at the same time

Multi-window mode :

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap the multitasking button on your phone for two seconds (bottom left).
  3. The multi-window mode is activated and another application can be used at the same time.

On mobile phones that do not support this feature, you can use the Stream application as an alternative to keep YouTube open on Android and keep playing.

Listen to YouTube music without being in the app and with the screen turned off

Application of third parties: In the NewPipe, touch the button “Second floor”. This will minimize it and you can listen to YouTube content without staying in the application.

You can download NewPipe from There are other YouTube applications to get out of it and continue playing videos without having them open.

In the default “main” setting, YouTube videos played with NewPipe will stop when the phone screen is off, but if you touch these 3 points and then select Switch to Background, the video will continue to play even when the screen is off.

There are applications with a different purpose, which also serve so that the contents of YouTube that are shared within them continue to play without it being open or with the screen turned off. This is the case with Telegram and even with WhatsApp.

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