Every year, after the release of a new version of iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the “Note” application seems to be enriched with increasingly professional and advanced features. This continuous improvement is obviously also due to the use of Apple Pencil on iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. The format with which however Apple manages this type of file is quite limited since it can be viewed and modified in its entirety only by a second iOS device updated to the same version.

So how do you do it if you want to share a note with someone, or simply print it? Simply export it to PDF following the settings made available by the same Cupertino company. Let’s see how. 

Export, save and share PDF notes in iOS

Migrating from “Note” file to PDF is rather simple and immediate and has value for any type of creation, whether it is composed of 

drawings made with Apple Pencil
, images, photos, scanned documents, tables, lists, and texts. The PDF can be generated from both iPhone and iPad and shared in all applications installed on the device in question (obviously if PDF reading is supported).

  • Open the “Notes” application
  • Access the note to be exported
  • Click on the sharing button at the top right (icon with a square and an arrow pointing upwards)
  • Continue with “Create PDF”.

At this point, the PDF file will be generated completely automatically and the screen will allow us to make further changes. Clicking on the pen symbol at the top right you can in fact add “freehand” signs, while choosing the sharing button again you can export or share everything within your favorite applications.

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