Factory Reset Your Google Chromecast
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There are several ways to stream entertainment to a television set, but Google’s Chromecast platform is definitely high up the list of the really good ones. Because of its reasonable price for 1080p and 4K content, and the uncomplicated nature of streaming content straight from your mobile device, tab, or PC, it is surely an option that stands out.

The Chromecast has experienced various iterations since it was unveiled 7 years ago, from fresher models to devices that concentrate on audio alone. One thing is certain though, and it does not matter if you are trying to listen to your preferred album, stream a movie on Netflix or watch your favorite TV series, Chromecast has you covered.

However, if your Chromebook fails to connect to the internet, or when you cannot stream content to your device using your smartphone, how do you fix the problem without any kind of settings menu or troubleshooting guide?

Not to worry, because resetting its factory settings will get rid of any problems or bugs you are battling at any point in time. And even if there is no visual interface with your Chromecast device, factory resetting any of the Chromecast lineups is simple and fast. See How To Factory Reset Your Google Chromecast:

How Can I Factory Reset My Google Chromecast?

1. How To Factory Reset Your Google Chromecast Using The Google Home App?

The Google Home application is a useful, vital utility for all Chromecast or Google Home owners. It lets you adjust the settings on your phone properly, alter what is streaming at a particular time, pause or resume playback whenever you want, find tools and fresh ways to control your device, and also browse fresh content that would interest you.

Factory Reset Your Google Chromecast

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You have most likely used the application to set up your Chromecast at some point, even when you do not use it constantly. With a superb interface and a focus on making use of cards to reveal information, the simple design of the app is very easy to browse through. There are a few differences in the design on iOS and Android devices, however, there would be precise instructions for the platform you are using.

To access your Chromecast settings, click the menu icon in the top-left corner. Within the sliding menu to the left of the application, click “Devices.” A list of all devices will be visible on your network connected through the Google Home app. Locate the Chromecast using the name given to the device during setup and click the 3-dotted icon in the top right corner of the card. From this screen, click “Settings.”

Factory Reset Your Google Chromecast
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There are several options that can be used to make adjustments to your device, but fortunately, you do not have to swipe through them. Way up on the list, another menu button would be visible in the upper-right corner of your screen. Click this icon, and 4 secret options for your Chromecast or Chromecast Audio would be seen, they are Help and Feedback, Reboot, Factory Reset, and Open Source Licenses.

If you are attempting to rectify an issue with your Chromecast, it is best to restart your device before you wipe it totally. However, if that did not work for you or you wish to sell your Chromecast and have to restore it to its factory default settings, simply click “Factory Reset.”

2. How Can I Factory Reset Your Google Chromecast Without A Network?

Go behind your TV or your stereo speakers, anywhere you keep your device plugged in. You will have to ensure the Chromecast is receiving power because it is impossible to reset the device if it is not powered and turned on. Once that is confirmed, unplug the device from your TV or your stereo speakers (if required) and carry your device in your hand while ensuring the light remains on and your device is still receiving power.

Locate a little button on the device, the 4 different models of Chromecast have one, press the button, and hold it on your Chromecast model. On the 1st gen, simply hold the power button down for about 25 seconds and the regular white LED on your device will change from its normal solid display to a blinking white light. If the device remains plugged into your TV, your screen will go blank. It will then reboot itself and that is that.

The second-gen Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra devices have identical methods as well, however, rather than ensuring the button is held for 25 seconds, you only have to hold on for the LED to turn orange and start blinking. Continue to hold the power button until the light becomes white again. As soon as that happens, stop holding the button and your Chromecast will reboot itself.

You are done.

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