Sending and receiving fake text messages is more rampant now that memes have taken over.

You can now change what somebody says in an SMS and resend that SMS making it appear as it came from another phone number. Meaning the recipient will feel it was sent from somebody else.

It could be of help if you need to get out of a boring office meeting or social gathering. You can initiate your receiving of a fake text emergency which requires your instant attention to get out of the situation.

Basically, fake texting is a very good escape route.

There are several next-generation applications and text generators that you can use to partake. All texts sent from one of these applications will be totally anonymous. This means the person receiving it will have no idea who sent it. Just be aware that the same thing can be used against you at any time and you might totally be unaware.

Tech keeps growing at a rapid pace which is why you must be cautious with things like these. But, if you want to participate in the fun, lemme highlight some fake texting sites and apps that can help you make things happen.

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Fake Texting Sites And Applications

Are you tired at your present location? Are you bored there? A fake SMS can be the solution you desire right now.

See below for sites that provide an anonymous free texting service.


1. iFake Text Message

iFake Text Message is a platform that will depict any SMS you send as a text from an iPhone. The website lets you change some details. Details like the present battery percentage, the name of the sender, and the color of the text bubble that the message will pop-up in. The message can be seen way down. This will aid you to know precisely how the message will appear on the receiver’s mobile device. It also comes with a tutorial that you can use to fully understand how the site can be used. When you are done with that, just enter the SMS and tap “Create Image” to send.

2. iPhone Fake Text

iPhone Fake Text is a special next generator made to look like it was sent from an iPhone. It provides an identical service to iFake but it adds more options. Plus being able to include the name of the sender, users can also include a date and time of message sent. This is useful for whenever anyone sent you a message you did not read. An identical message can be sent back to the original sender by you, claiming the SMS was never sent. Changing the service provider, network coverage, signal level, and GPS are features that are included as well.

3. Android Fake Text Messages

This is a site designed for Android owners. The website is similar to iFake Text Message. But this one includes an incoming and outgoing text message. It is also more keen to appear like it was received from a genuine phone by activating Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Alarm, Vibrate, Do Not Disturb, and Bluetooth toggles. This site gives visitors a tutorial for added explanations on how the service can be used.

Mobile Apps

1. Fake Text Messages

This is a brilliant fake text application that can be gotten from the Play Store. You will pay nothing to use this app. Simply download and install it on your Android device and begin to send free anonymous text to anyone you wish. All that is required is one tap to seamlessly send out a fake message to whoever stays in America. This service is only for US-based phone numbers. A password will safeguard your convos so that watchful eyes will never know what’s up when you are not close to your smartphone.

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2. Smiley Private Texting

This is not only for sending fake texts. Its main aim is to make things anonymous. It functions like a burner phone. Users will be able to send fake messages but can also use it for other stuff that a regular phone number cannot be used for. This app makes use of authentic US phone numbers, therefore, it will only work inside the US. No registration is required.

3. I Am Not.Me

This is another application for Android users. It is not as popular as Fake Text Messages but it is not limited to American devices. This app provides international support plus scheduled messaging, usable templates, receipt notification and some free credits when you first install it. Texts get sent and received quicker than other apps and they are not monitored by the service itself. Meaning nothing is saved on the site.

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