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Being able to filter Facebook ads is something I love about Facebook. I know you must have wondered how those Facebook ads you see while scrolling through your timeline get to relate to something you’ve searched before, your likes or interest. This is because Facebook uses everything they know about you; like your likes and enthusiasm to give specific ads you can relate to.

Trust me, Facebook knows a whole lot about you, and thankfully, we’ve shown you how you can find that out. Now, the ads displayed to you on your timeline isn’t always 100% relevant to you and might sometimes be somewhat irrelevant but guess what? You can change that yourself.

You can filter the adverts that show up on your timeline and make them tally with your likes and interest. I for example now get tech, sports and games related advertisement on my Facebook account because I have filtered my ads by providing my likes, interests, and hobbies and subsequently made my ads show things I can relate with or have interest in.

Thankfully, anyone can do this too, and we’ll be showing you how to do just that in this guide.

How To Filter Facebook Ads On Your Facebook Account

  • Visit Facebook Full Site. (Not Facebook mobile Site or Facebook App)
  • If you’re on mobile, you can access Facebook Full Website by using your Chrome browser to Visit the Facebook Website. Now tap the Three dots at the top right corner of the app and Select/Mark/Check the “Request Desktop” box to take you to the full site.

  • Click on the Down facing arrow at the top right corner of the screen and Select Settings from the Dropdown Menu. This will take you to the Settings Menu.

  • In the left column, Click on “Adverts” towards the bottom of the list below “Apps” and above “Payments.”

  • This is where you’ll find different categories like Your Interest, Advertisers you’ve interacted with, Your information, Advert settings and How Facebook adverts work.

  • Click on Interests, and you’ll see all your interests. From here, you will be able to edit it by removing the ones you don’t like and adding new interests, likes, hobbies etc.

  • Once you are done adding your interests, likes, and hobbies, save the settings.

This will be of help to Facebook by providing you with adverts you’ll actually be interested in, instead of showing you random ads about things you have no interest in.


That is how to filter Facebook ads. You can also Click on the advertisers you’ve interacted with which bring out all the advertisement you’ve viewed and clicked on. The adverts might not necessarily be about products and services; it might about a Facebook group, commercial, TV shows, etc. You can also Select adverts settings and modify it to your preference. Just to get a general sense about Facebook adverts by clicking on how Facebook adverts work.

If you have any questions concerning Facebook adverts, don’t hesitate to ask your questions using the comment section Down below.

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