Make iPhone Ringtone MP3 F
Make iPhone Ringtone MP3 F

Are you tired of the ringtones available by default on your Android or iPhone smartphone? Buying new ones is not that difficult, but before opening your wallet it’s good to know that it’s easy to find apps and sites that offer them in large numbers and even for free!

In this article, we will analyze what are the services that offer new ringtones or that give the possibility to create personalized ones: you will see how easy it is to customize the ringtone of your device!

A new ringtone for your smartphone: will they be compatible with my model?

If you are the owner of an Android device, things are simple. In this case, you can download ringtones directly to your Android phone, as it supports MP3 files as ringtones.

If you like DIY, you can then process MP3s on your computer and upload them to your smartphone to create your own ringtones directly.

With iPhone, things are a bit more complicated. Most of the sites we have included in this article allow you to download MP3 files, however, the iPhone requires that the ringtones be in their AAC format and have an M4R extension.

Is Downloading ringtones online safe?

It all depends on where you download. There are many malicious websites on the Internet that try to lure you into free ringtones. For example, a common tactic is sites that show you some ringtones, but when you click on the download link, they will actually get you to download a dangerous .EXE file or at least an executable (msi, dmg or apk).

Always pay attention to the file extension to see if you are really downloading the file you requested (according to an MP3 or an m4r).

Another discourse is legality: most of the sites that offer ringtones of recent songs for free does so by violating the copyright law. In this sense, it is better to rely on official sites or download the song legally (and then possibly “cut” it and get the piece that interests you).

Below, however, we will show you some of the safest and most provided sites to get a new ringtone for your smartphone.


Zedge is one of the most famous and used platforms in this area. This platform hosts a variety of ringtones created by users.

You can preview the ringtones on the main page or go into the dedicated ringtone page where you can also download it.

Zedge also offers apps for iOS and Android that are significantly easier to consult than visiting the site.

Notification Sounds

Notification Sounds is not the typical site dedicated to ringtones. It is a platform from which you can download ringtones and sounds for notifications similar to those that are present by default on your device.

The ringtones are organized by categories or tags and it is very funny to browse the site using the preview option to try the ringtone before proceeding with the actual download.

Once you find a ringtone that you like, you can download an MP3 version (for Android devices) or directly an M4R version (for iPhone). If you have an Android device, you can download the ringtone directly to your phone, while if you have an iPhone you will need to use iTunes.

Be careful: talking about real ringtones is a bit exaggerated. Notification Sounds, as the name implies, more than anything else focuses on short sounds suitable for notifications and alarms.



 is a very interesting ringtone site. Not only can you browse the music of various artists and download the ringtones, but you can create ringtones directly from YouTube videos!

You can find your favorite ringtones using the search function at the top, and then preview the ringtone on your page. You will find some variations of the ringtones to choose from. After selecting a ringtone you like, click on the Android or iPhone button and the specific format you need (both MP3 and M4R).


We continue our tracking with  MyTinyPhone, a sort of gigantic collection of ringtones that has over half a million files in the database. The ringtones are organized into specific categories, making research extremely easy.

Each ringtone is accompanied by an evaluation expressed in stars and a count of views: this allows you to quickly filter the most common ringtones, avoiding to be bewildered by the number of files present.

Also, in this case, it is possible to download ringtones in MP3 or M4R format.


The last service that I show you is Audiko. This is a rather popular site that also allows you to create your own ringtones by uploading your favorite songs. On the homepage, you will see the most popular ringtones in addition to the best artists in your country. Scroll down a bit and you will find links to popular genres to launch you in search of your ideal ringtone.

When you open a specific ringtone page, you will see an option to listen to the audio file: If the result satisfies you, you can click on the download button to start the download.

Unfortunately, you will need to create an account to download ringtones from Audiko, but the good news is that all downloaded ringtones are saved in your account and you can download their MP3 or M4R versions whenever you want.

Audiko also uses an app for Android, which is free and does everything you can do on the website. For iOS, the same application is on sale for $ 0.99.

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