You must’ve experienced your device going missing at one point or the other.

We all know tiring and frustrating that is. Luckily for us, Android has decent ways to tackle this issue if you own another device.

Let’s break down How To Find Your Android Device With Any Phone:

How Can I Find My Android Device With A PC?

One possible scenario is you misplaced your Android device but you have a computer. Simply head to but that could be difficult to recall.

The simpler way is by just searching for “Find my phone” on Google. Unless you are not signed into your Google account, this will reveal a map with all of the devices connected to the account. If you want more information, tap “Ring” to trigger the phone to ring at the highest volume for five minutes irrespective of its settings.

If you still could not find anything, tap “Recover” for additional options. Your phone can be locked with a message and a green button that will call a preset number. Or, you can get yourself signed out of the device and if it is totally lost with no hope of recovering it, it can be erased.

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How Can I Find My Android Device With Google Assistant?

If you own a smart home device with Google Assistant like Google Home, Home Mini, Nest Hub, Lenovo Smart Display and so on, your device can be traced with your voice. Simply say “Hey Google, find my phone” and Google Assistant will come to your rescue by ringing your device. If you have several devices, it will give names until it reaches the one you want. Immediately you say yes to your choice, it will ensure the phone rings at the highest volume for five minutes irrespective of any settings.

How Can I Find My Android Device With Another Android Phone?

You can use a different Android phone to locate your misplaced device. If you have not installed the Google Find My Device application from the Play Store, it has to be downloaded first. After launching the app, get yourself signed into the exact account that your misplaced phone is signed to. You will be shown a map and all your phones pictured across the top of it.

Click on the phone you are searching for and its present location will be revealed on the map. Under the map, you will see “Play Sound,” “Secure Device,” or “Erase Device.” “Play Sound” will make the phone ring at maximum volume for five minutes irrespective of all settings. “Secure Devices” will lock the phone with a personalized message and phone number that the phone can call. “Erase Device” will erase your device totally if you conclude that it is gone forever.

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How Can I Find My Android Device With A Wear OS Smartwatch?

If you own a Wear OS, the solution to your troubles is right there around your hand. Simply bring up the list of applications on your Wear OS and click “Find my phone.” The device that is paired to your Wear OS Smartwatch will begin to ring at maximum volume irrespective of its present settings.

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