For owners of Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphones, making the Home button function well again after noticing any misbehavior is possible. The buttons on the Samsung Galaxy J5 device are touch keys that brighten up with every click. They light up when you turn on the phone, letting you know the device is on and working correctly.

Due to this fact, several users think that when the lights are off, it means the Samsung J5 Home button is not functioning. Do not fret though, let us assist you to make the Galaxy J5 Home button function the normal way.

If you have touch keys by the Home Button or the return key and they do not work like they should find below the direction on how to solve it:

For several of the Galaxy J5 users battling this problem, the touch keys are not faulty and are in fact functioning like they should. The reason for the ineffective work is because they are just deactivated at the moment. Samsung has a default setting that ensures the keys are deactivated when the Galaxy J5 device is in energy saving mode. Go through this guide one-by-one for how you can activate the Touch Key lights on the Samsung Galaxy J5.

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Proffer Solution To Touch Key Lights Not Functioning On Samsung Galaxy J5:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy J5 phone.
  2. Get on the Menu page.
  3. Head to Settings.
  4. Click on Quick Settings.
  5. Click on Power Saving.
  6. Then head to Restrict Performance.
  7. Ensure Turn off Touch Key Light is not ticked.

That’s all.


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