Lately, we receive a series of complaints from Huawei P30 users, indicating that sometimes Instagram crashes on its own especially when trying to log in. If you are among those noticing this fault, don’t worry, this article was initiated just to help you as an individual on how to fix this Instagram keeps crashing issue yourself without relying on another person for assistance. Just make use of the troubleshooting steps that will be outlined below and share the testimonies.

How To Fix Huawei P30 “Instagram Keeps Crashing” Issues

Below are the troubleshooting guides that will help when noticing this problem:

Check For Online Fix

Instagram is known worldwide as a stable app, but sometimes it can suffer some downtime due to issues no user can do anything about. So if eventually it stopped working just after using it, the best thing to do is to check online, to see if there is an online solution you will see. The truth is that Instagram issues usually go away on their own or get fixed by an update. So I will advise you to do a Google search about Instagram issues. Check if the issue is worldwide, if it is, then have in mind that the developer is working on a fix or there may already be a workaround for it.

Update The App

Have you ever asked yourself the reason why some apps like Facebook or Instagram requires an update? This is simply because the software developers want to keep their products as stable and bug-free as possible. For this reason, endeavor to update your Instagram app regularly, make sure that it is running on this latest version at any time. Actually, by default, your app should automatically download and install updates, but that will not prevent you from manually checking for the new update using the Google Play Store.

Force Close App

If the Instagram on your Huawei P30 keeps crashing for no just cause, you should consider troubleshooting it by Force Closing The App, you know why? Because from time to time some apps including Instagram may encounter bugs that can make them freeze or unresponsive. In order to check if a simple app restart will help, make use of the guideline below:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Navigate to Application Manager.
  • Click on All tab.
  • Select your Messaging app.
  • Then click on Force Stop

I sincerely believe that if you should carefully follow the guidelines above, you will successfully put a stop to this Instagram keep crashing issues.

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