When a social media platform has about one billion users every month, and half of them make use of their accounts every day, it is difficult to keep things running seamlessly. So sadly, as Instagram offers a lot of options for flaunting your life online, it is home to bugs sometimes.

Have you ever seen the “Unknown Error “pop-up message before? It can show up at any time and it will stop you from logging into your account. Plus, you might see it as you try to refresh your feed.

Why Does The Error Appear On Your Instagram?

Like the message hints, this error shows because Instagram’s servers are finding it difficult to communicate with your device. Naturally, you will immediately want to confirm if your internet connection is stable.

Check if your device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. If you are using Wi-Fi, check to confirm if you are close enough to the router. Sometimes, Instagram will fail to respond if your connection is not too strong. If this is not the case, restart your router. Simply plug it out and back in again.

If you use mobile data, the simplest way to rectify any network problem is to disable and enable Airplane Mode. On several devices, this can be done by pulling the notification bar down and clicking the Airplane icon. You will see the same icon on iPhone when you pull up Control Center from the bottom of your screen.

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Adhering to these instructions should fix the problem in several cases. But if they end being unsuccessful, there is no cause for alarm, for more ways, check out How To Fix Instagram’s Unknown Error?:

1. Clear Instagram’s Cache And Data

Instagram saves temporary files and data to make everything run seamlessly for users. The problem arises when data gets corrupted and it can result in several bugs. It also occupies your storage space and can even grow bigger than the application.

For Android owners, it is possible to clear cache and data by adhering to these instructions:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Click “All Apps” then look for Instagram.
  • Click “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”
  •  Force Stop.

For iPhone owners, things are not the same. It comes with no option to clear cache and data, therefore you will have to get rid of Instagram altogether. See how:

  • Head to Setting > General.
  • Click iPhone Storage and swipe down till Instagram is visible.
  • Click “Delete App” way down and confirm your decision.

After downloading Instagram again, a new application will be available without your old data. This will get rid of any internal bugs and allow you to get yourself logged in again.

2. Update Instagram

Are you using an out-of-date version of Instagram? Then there will surely be all kinds of bugs popping up. Like all other applications, there will be updates from time to time that will come with bug fixes, security patches, and several other features that the app will need to function normally.

Moreover, iPhone and Android devices receive regular updates. If your Instagram version is an old one, it could be the reason why you are seeing the “unknown network error” message.

Fortunately, this is an instant fix. You just have to access the App Store or Play Store, head to the update section and check for available updates on the gram. You will receive the most recent version and the bug should be taken care of.

3. Change Your Date And Time

This is weird but true. Some phone owners will testify that changing the date on your device can rectify the Instagram network error. Even if the reason for this is still unclear, it is worth trying when nothing else gives you the fix you want.

This is all you need to do:

  • Head to Settings > Date & Time, and set it to Automatic if you are yet to do that.
  • Head back and try to get yourself logged into Instagram.
  • If this does not give you the fix you want, go back to the Date & Time menu and set it to Manual.
  • Change the date to 4 years in the future then attempt to run Instagram again.

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Whether it works or fail, do not forget to reset it back to the correct date and time.

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