iPhone and iPad
iPhone and iPad

There are numerous reasons why an app would refuse to download or Update and in this article, we will be teaching you how to fix iPhone/iPad Won’t Download Or Update apps.

How To Fix iPhone/iPad Won’t Download Or Update Apps

We will start with the most basic and work our way up and hopefully by the end of this article; you would be able to fix your iPhone/iPad won’t download or update apps.

Have An Active Internet Connection?

The first thing you should check will be your internet connection. Do you still have an active data bundle? Is your network down? If you are using a WiFi Router Or Mi-Fi then check the router or Mi-Fi also, if possible turn it off and turn it on Just to be absolutely sure.

If you are using a data connection, then make sure your data connection is stable. You can also turn the data connection off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. After all, this and your apps stills isn’t downloading or updating then move on to the next step.

Airplane Mode

Funny as this might sound, it might actually just do the trick. Airplane mode turns off all connections like Bluetooth, data connection, WiFi and Mobile Hotspot. This might just be the kind of reboot your internet connection needs to get right back on track.

So Turn On your airplane mode by accessing your Control Center and clicking on the airplane Logo, Wait for about 20 seconds and turn it off. It should take a couple of seconds before your network comes back but be patient. After that, connect to a WiFi network or turn on your data connection, depending on the one you are using and try it again.

Still getting the same error? See the Next step.

Try Restarting The App Store

Restarting the app store somewhat creates a fresh connection to the app store server. So clear the app from your multitasking window and relaunch the app from your home screen. Try Downloading or Updating, and it should work. On the off-chance that it doesn’t, you can still try out the next step.

Check Date and Time

Not only the apple app store is affected by the date and time of your device. Most, if not all of your apps that require internet connection need a correct date and time to function. Apps like opera browser, chrome, UC browser among others.

So make sure your date and time is correct. I’ll advise you to change it to “Set Automatically” so as to allow the network/phone determine the correct date and time. You can do this by accessing the Settings Menu >> Date and Time >> Toggle Set Automatically On

Sign Out From the App Store

If the problem still persists, then try signing out and signing in on your app store. To do this, you will have to Navigate to the Settings Menu >> iTunes & App Store >> Tap on Your Apple ID and Sign Out.

Repeat the same process above to Sign in by going the Settings Menu >> iTunes & App Store >> Sign In. Now go to the app store, and you should be able to download or Update your apps now. If you still can’t, then move on to the next step.

Update Software

It might also be that the app you are trying to download or Update doesn’t support the iOS version you are on. So make sure you are up-to-date on the latest iOS version and also check the app requirements to make sure your OS version can run the app.

Still Not Working?

If the problem still hasn’t been fixed by now then there a couple more things you could try. You can Restart your phone if you haven’t. You can also check the storage space left on your phone and make sure it is more than what the app you want to download requires or needs.

Resetting your settings can also fix the problem. You can do this by going to the Settings Menu >> General >> Reset >> Reset All Settings then Enter Your passcode to proceed. This will restore all your settings to default, but your apps and its data will be intact and remain untouched.


I hope the steps above help you fix iPhone/iPad Won’t Download or Update Apps problem you are having. On the off-chance that you are still having the problem after trying the above methods then drop a comment below stating the methods you have tried so far.

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  1. I’ve tried all the things you recommended to no avail, so frustrated, it doesn’t ever give a reason or try to download. My son is so sad because it’s his bday present.

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