How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S9 and S9 Plus Bluetooth Issues

This article contains troubleshooting/solutions for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S9 and S9 Plus Bluetooth Issues. If you are experiencing any Bluetooth issue(s) on any of the aforementioned devices, then try the methods below to fix it.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Turn it back On

This is perhaps the first move you should try out when you experience any kind of Bluetooth issue on your phone. It is similar to rebooting your phone. This gives the Bluetooth a somewhat fresh start at finding/connecting to other devices and also make itself visible to be discovered by other Bluetooth enabled device. This should fix the Bluetooth issue on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Reboot Your Phone

If the above method did not work for you, then you might as well reboot your phone. Rebooting your phone is essential now and then and might just be the solution you need to fix your Bluetooth issue. Restarting your phone increases your phone speed as all running apps will be closed. This might Just be the boost your Bluetooth needs to start functioning again.

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Clear Data And Cache Of Bluetooth

If you’re still having the Bluetooth issues after rebooting your phone, then you might want to try clearing the data and Cache of your Bluetooth. To do this, go to the Settings Menu >> Apps >> Swipe Left/Right to get to the all apps tab. Look for the Bluetooth App and click on it. Clear data and Cache then reboot your phone. Once your phone boots up, check to see if the Bluetooth issues persists.

Wipe Cache Partition

To wipe cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S9 or S9 Plus Device, you will have to boot into recovery mode. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Make sure your smartphone is turned off.
  • Press and Hold the Bixby Button and Volume Up Button. Now Press and Hold the Power Button. Once the phone turns on, let go of the Power Button while still holding the Bixby button and Volume Up Button.

  • Let go of the Bixby Button and Volume Up Button when you see the blue screen with the Android Logo.

  • When you get to the recovery mode, navigate to Wipe Cache Partition Using the Volume Down Button and Select it Using the Power Button.

  • Once it is done wiping cache partition, Select Reboot System Now using the power button.

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You’ve just successfully wiped cache partition on your device. Your Bluetooth issue should be a thing of the past now.


The steps above should help you fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S9 and S9 Plus Bluetooth Issues. Let us know in the comment section below which one worked for you. However, if you have tried all the above steps and you’re s Experiencing Note 8 Bluetooth Issues, S9 Bluetooth Issues or S9 Plus Bluetooth issues then let us know using the comment section so we can figure a solution for you.

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