When you use the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, you will thank the heavens for iOS 12 and increase your expectations for iOS 13 that was recently announced.

The operating system is very intuitive, attractive and simple to use but like every other OS, it has its own challenges.

One of these issues is noticed when the desktop icons shake and refuse to stop.

Several users complain about this and the article you are currently reading is here to throw more light on it for you.

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Why Are My iPhone Icons Shaking?

The reasons your iPhone icons are shaking have to be known. So we start with that. It could be that you might be in the modify home screen mode or it could be a problem within iOS. The issue was actually discovered from iOS 6 till now.

Even if it is less rampant than getting yourself stuck in edit mode with iOS 6, it still happens once in a while in iOS 12.

All iOS users should be familiar with the edit home screen mode. A little black “X” will be visible at the top of every icon, around the left side. This lets you know if you are in this mode or nah. If you can view those little “X” close to every desktop icon, then you are in edit mode. If you cannot, it is an issue within iOS.

Let’s break down how it can be fixed.

Home Screen Edit Mode

On your Android device, when you are in home screen edit mode, you can easily go back to normal. It is never that smooth on the iPhone. A little Done icon will be visible in the top right of the display when you are moving or getting rid of desktop icons. Tap Done and your home screen will be back to normal.

Editing the home screen is vital. This can aid you to get rid of applications you are tired of and also help you to ensure your desktop is neat. If you fancy some applications than others, they can be well ordered so you can access them easily. Alternatively, your phone display can be arranged anyhow you want since it is your own.

To access the edit iPhone home screen mode:

  1. Unlock your iOS device.
  2. Press and hold a desktop icon. The icons will shake alongside the “X” in the top left of every one of them.
  3. Include, remove or have icons moved to the top right of the display as you please.
  4. Press the Done icon when you are through.

If it functions correctly, you should quit edit mode immediately after tapping Done and all alterations will be saved. The icons will no longer shake and the “X” will be gone. If your smartphone does not quit edit mode instantly, click Done once more, even two more times till you are sure your desktop has gone back to how it should be.

If folders are used by you for the ordering of your iPhone desktop, they can be edited as well. The folder will shake when you are in edit mode but the exact principle is applicable. Get a folder opened in edit mode and the icons with the “X” will shake on your screen, Move, delete or modify the icons as you want and tap Done when you are through. To get rid of a folder, you have to move all icons away from it onto the desktop and that folder will be gone.

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How Can I Fix An iOS Fault That Causes My iPhone Icons To Shake?

Only one way to do this is a complete factory reset. Stored images were formerly used to rapidly have it restored back to company spec but that can no longer happen. If your iPhone icons still shake even when you are not in edit mode, See below for how to rectify it. Ensure everything is backed up before adhering to these instructions, else, all your stuff will be gone.

Do this:

  1. Choose Settings and General from the iPhone menu.
  2. Choose Reset and Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. Type in your PIN or password for the confirmation of your choice.
  4. Choose Erase iPhone for another confirmation.

This will wipe the device totally and make it appear like when you just purchased it.

You will now find it easy to load your data back from iTunes but applications and games will have to be reloaded individually.

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