Problem Communicating With Google Servers
Problem Communicating With Google Servers

Knowing how to fix there was a problem communicating with google servers can come in handy as it can happen to any android. It creeps up on you like cancer and it doesn’t discriminate, whether your phone is rooted or not, it can still affect your device regardless.

By now, you must have exhausted all the available options while trying to fix this problem. The only thing left to do now is to factory reset your phone. That is if you haven’t already done it. Well, if you haven’t then don’t yet. As I doubt that will likely make the problem go away. Plus you will lose all the data on your device including files on your internal storage.

Nevertheless, it might come to that which should be used as a last resort. But first, let us try other methods and see if we can fix the there was a problem communicating with google servers error message. Without having to lose all our data and saved settings in the process.

How To Fix There Was A Problem Communicating With Google Servers

  1. Reboot Your Device: You’d be surprised that an ordinary reboot can fix this problem. Although it doesn’t work all the time but has actually worked for some. If it does for you then congratulations and if it doesn’t then move on to the next one.
  2. Check Date & Time: It is funny that some as unimportant as this might be causing this problem but it can. At least, it has for some people and as soon as they changed their phone time and date to the correct one, it solved the problem.
  3. Try Updating Your Google Play Services: The google play services along with Google services framework is responsible for running every google on your android device. From google app, to Gmail, to google play store etc. So it needs to be updated to the latest version possible for the Android version your phone is running on.
  4. Clear Data Of All Google Apps: One account for all their services is Google’s motto but that might also be the culprit here. Clearing the data of those app might just fix the problem. Go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Play services >> Clear Data. Do this for google play services, Google services framework and Google Play Store. Make sure you reboot your phone after this process.
  5. Factory Reset: If you have tried all these steps above and you are still getting the error message. Then it might be time to factory reset. Factory Reset should give you a fresh start and hopefully, fix the problem.

If you are running the on the latest Android version then this problems is less likely to occur. This is because Google has worked on this problem and fixed it. So the likely occurrence on newer versions of the Android operating system. So make sure to update your phone to the latest version That is if there is an update for your device before trying all these.


I hope the methods above help you fix the there was a problem communicating with google servers. I personally haven’t experienced this problem on any of my android devices. And I’ve used and still using quite a few including the Infinix hot 4, Infinix Hot 5 and others.

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  1. I have tried all the above to no avail. Do I need to return the brand new tablet that is having this issue? Thanks for your advice. Sharon

  2. Dear Obodo David, first of all thanks a ton for making me smile… I have tried so many thing but did’t get any solution but after seeing your advice it is resolved.. Thanks a lot

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