How To Fix Tinder That Keeps Crashing On iPhone?


Tinder is popular for being unreliable and even after several years in the dating game, it has not changed. It is rare to find iPhone applications by a famous company that malfunctions all the time. I mean, is it not bad enough that we take too long locating the right date, will battling with an application to make that happen not drive us crazy? It will. If Tinder continues to crash on your iPhone, these are the steps to take to rectify it.

Be aware though, successfully rectifying a Tinder app that crashes every single time you attempt it might be you reaching, because at times, it is a bug in the application or it a server problem causing the crash. So if you adhere to the instructions below and it still does not function as it should, you know why.

Prevent Tinder From Crashing On Your iPhone

iOS is known for its stability and apart from the odd problem introduced by an update, it does its job quite admirably. In several crash cases, the app is at fault and not the operating system. We will touch on updates though to fulfill all righteousness.

Here are some steps to take if Tinder does not stop crashing on your iOS device.

Force Close The Application

Force closing the app will shut it down entirely, and background services are not left out. When Tinder experiences a crash, that background service can still run so this will set everything up for a restart.

  1. Click the Home button two times to reveal your recent apps.
  2. Locate Tinder.
  3. Swipe up to force close Tinder.
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Depending on the type of crash your Tinder experienced, it might not be seen in the recent list. If that is what happened, have a look at the next step. If you find it in the recent list, try it again to find out if the crash has been rectified.

Update The Application

In several app crash cases, trying to update the app will not be the one of the earliest solutions that comes to mind, but because Tinder has history with being unreliable, do it straight away.

  1. Launch the app store on your iPhone and select Updates.
  2. Choose to update every app or focus on just Tinder if you see no update.
  3. Have the update installed and confirm if it worked.

If Tinder realizes that there is a problem with the app, they usually release a fix almost immediately so this step is not a useless one.

Restart The iPhone

A soft reboot can end the problem too. It gets rid of the phone memory, abandons all temporary files in use by applications and loads all things from installed files. This fix does the job in most cases.

  1. Place your hands on the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously.
  2. Let the smartphone reboot till the Apple logo becomes visible.
  3. Allow the device reload and confirm if Tinder has started working fine.

Since applications make use of several cached or temporary files, letting it undergo a reboot will let go of those files and reload fresh ones. If there was an issue with any of the temporary files, you would’ve fixed Tinder.

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See If There Is An iOS Update

Normally, in this case, iOS is not a suspect, but if an error occurred in an OS file, an update can proffer solution to that. An iOS scarcely solves Tinder crashing problems but there is no harm in trying as the next option is the bus-stop of fixes.

  1. Ensure your iPhone is well charged and on WiFi.
  2. Access Settings and General.
  3. Choose Software Update and have any update downloaded.

Re-install Tinder

This is our last resort. It translates to you downloading, installing and logging in again but every data is saved on the Tinder server so everything is pretty much stored for you.

  1. Head to the Home screen and touch and hold the Tinder app.
  2. Select the X icon that you can see in the top corner of the icon.
  3. Delete immediately the pop-up shows up.
  4. Head to iTunes or the App Store and have a new copy of Tinder downloaded and installed.

This is your last resort to prevent Tinder crashing on your iOS device. I hope it works.

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