Software issues are a norm and the “Unfortunately, Your Calendar Storage Has Stopped” On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is out of the ordinary. Software issues are bound to occur as long as we live as no man is perfect so mistakes are bound to occur. However, when such an error occurs, it is normal to look for solutions. Hardware issues, on the other hand, require a more hands-on approach which we can’t help you. Software issues? That we can help you with and thankfully, the “Unfortunately, Your Calendar Storage Has Stopped” On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a software issue.

The calendar app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well other devices is used by so many people to sort out their daily activities and routine. So when the app starts malfunctioning, it can cause some kind of frustration. Now, there are two solutions to this problem, one of which requires you to wipe your device. Hopefully, it doesn’t get to that. The other solution requires you to boot into recovery and wipe cache partition which what we are going to try first. If that doesn’t work then we will have no choice but to pull out the big guns.

How To Fix “Unfortunately, Your Calendar Storage Has Stopped” On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Booting into Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t require root or any other access. All you have to do is just follow the steps below carefully.

  • First things first, turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 if it is turned on.
  • Press and Hold the Bixby Button, Volume Up Button, and Power Button all at the same time.

  • Once the Samsung Logo appears, Let go of the Bixby Button and the Power button while still holding the Volume Up Button.

  • Keep holding the Volume Up Button till it reaches the recovery mode menu.

  • Once it reaches the recovery menu, Let go of the Volume Up button.

  • Now, Navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” using the Volume Down button and Select it using the Power Button on.

  • Again, Navigate to “Yes” Using the Volume Down Button and Select it using the Power Button.

  • Once it is done wiping cache partition, Navigate to “Reboot System Now” and Select it.

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Once the device Reboots, it will exit the recovery mode and start-up normally. This should fix the problem. However, it the problem still persists after wiping cache partition then you’ll need a factory reset on your device. This will wipe everything off on your so I suggest you create a backup before following the below steps. Also, all your settings will be clear so you’ll have to set that up too when you’re done.

Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • Using the above methods, boot your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Recovery Mode.
  • When you get to the recovery mode, instead of navigating to ‘Wipe Cache Partition” Navigate to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using the same volume down button and select it using the Power button.

  • Again, Navigate to “Yes” and Select it.

  • The process should take some time. Once it is done, Navigate to “Reboot System Now” and Select it.

  • Your phone will reboot with everything wiped off along the Calendar has stopped error message.

  • Conclusion

    The “Unfortunately, Your Calendar Storage Has Stopped” On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 should be fixed with any of the above steps, mostly the first. If the you’re still experiencing the problem even after trying the two methods above, make sure you drop a comment down below for additional solutions.


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