Oppo A83Wifireal
Oppo A83Wifireal

Wifi problems can be annoying because a lot of what your phone can do will be taken away when there is no internet access. The device will still be able to make or receive text messages, but applications that require internet access will become absolutely ineffective. And as you know, these apps are important for our daily activities like emailing or making use of cloud services.

If you cannot wait, mobile internet is handy. But it cannot be depended on since cellular networks can be so unstable at times.

However, no need to panic because Wifi problems you face with your Oppo A83 can be seamlessly rectified.

Let’s highlight some of the potential fixes to this issue.

Resetting The Connection

One of the simplest ways to tackle the wifi problems is to reset your internet connection. There are a few ways to get this done.

1. Restart Your Oppo A83

The easiest way to fix connectivity problems is to power your device off and then on again.

2. Activate And Deactivate The Wifi

The Wifi can be activated and deactivated from the Settings application. This is how to go about it:

Open The Settings Application

When you are in the app, click Wi-Fi to access the menu.

Ensure Wi-Fi Is Toggled Off

You can click on the switch close to Enable Wi-Fi to have it toggled off.

Hold On For A While

After holding on for some seconds, the switch can be toggled back on to confirm if the problem is no longer there.

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3. Forget The Present Network

Forgetting the network you are presently linked to might end the problem. This can be achieved if you adhere to these instructions:

Open Settings App

Choose Wi-fi and head to your present network connection.

Click On The “I” Icon

There is a little “i” icon close to your network connection. Click on it to access the connection menu.

Forget The Network

Within the connection menu, choose “Forget This Network” and click for confirmation.

Hold On For Sometime

After holding on for some seconds, get yourself connected back to that same network. Nowe, you will need to enter your password one more time, so note it somewhere before you forget the network.

Other Wifi Issues

Any Wifi connectivity problem you might be battling can also be caused by anything else but your Oppo A83 device. Let’s highlight some of them to confirm how they can be rectified.

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Wifi Router Problems

The wifi router you want to connect to might be battling some issues. An easy way to know for sure is to attempt a different wifi-enabled device to confirm if it connects to the router or not.

If your laptop or tab is also finding it difficult to connect to the router, then your mobile device does not have a problem. The easy way to solve this is by restarting your Router or Modem. It can restart by pressing the Power button or getting its plug out of the socket. Hold on for some minutes and then turn it on once more.

Contact Your Provider

If the Wifi issues persist after restarting the router, you need to reach out to your provider. The issue might be from them and they will definitely give you ways to end it and enjoy your phone.

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