How To Fix Your FireStick TV Remote When It Stops Functioning

The Amazon Fire TV and the remote control are pretty basic but extremely efficient. They are not expensive but still toughly-made for daily use and to do the job you desire. Those that used it for years, know that apart from a few minor issues here and there, it never disappoints them. This article is to direct you on how to fix your Fire Stick remote but it begins to malfunction.

The dongle appears bulletproof, just ensure you do not mess around with it. The few troubles that have been experienced is all about the remote. Either failing to recognize their pairing or failing to do the job it was manufactured for.

For the solution, if it's faulty, check below.

How To Get The Fire Stick Remote Fixed

There are some things that can go completely wrong with the Amazon Fire TV remote so there is not a lot you can do before a replacement is needed. Amazon sells them for cheap money but there are ways you can try first. Some might appear obvious but troubleshooting demands a process so we must go into more details to discuss the basics.

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Look At The Batteries

You just gave me the "Erm... I know that already." look right? If the remote start acting weirdly or is simply not responding, shuffle the batteries or change. It is an amazing first step but a number of users that fail to consider it.

The first thing to do is swap out the batteries on the Fire Stick remote to check if that provides the solution or not. As the batteries come out, check to see if you'll notice leaks and ensure the contacts within the remote are neat.

Power Cycle It

The Fire TV Stick brings about a power lead to aid it with the energy it needs to stream content. The HDMI standards nowadays are not able to provide the appropriate level of power so an adapter is needed. If replacing batteries failed to yield good results, The Fire TV Stick comes with a removable power from the Fire Stick, leave it for a few seconds and power it back on once more. Let it load for 60 seconds, then test it again.

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If you are fortunate, it was simply a software glitch that made the remote start to malfunction, if you are not lucky, check other steps.

Use The Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Do not bother your head if you are still yet to resolve the matter, with this step, we'll confirm if the fault lies with the Fire TV or the remote. Launch the Amazon Fire TV Remote App in your mobile device and take control of the Fire TV. Ensure Bluetooth is on and use it as a remote. If the Fire TV is responsive, the remote is faulty, if it doesn't, the Fire TV needs fixing.

Reset The Fire Stick

If your Amazon Fire TV is still stock then all a factory reset will achieve is ask you to log in your Amazon account again. If you have other software like Kodi or other applications, they will be lost. Should that be the case, it's best to leave this step as your last resort. If you use a stock Fire Stick, this step is for you.

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1. Select Settings from within the app.
2. Select System and then Reset to Factory Defaults.
3. Click Reset to confirm.

The reset time should use up to 10 minutes, so be calm. As soon as it is rebooted, your Fire TV Stick has come back to the same condition it was as a new product, with new software. Try your Remote again to see how it works.

Fix Your Fire Stick Remote

The remote that came alongside your Fire TV should've been paired already but anything could've happened that prevented one from recognizing the other. If that is your situation, or if you decide on a change of remote, pair both sides they can communicate with each other and do what you require of them. This can only work if your remote is not totally dead. If it us, it cannot work.

1. Power on the Fire TV Stick and your TV.
2. Hold down the Home button on the remote for around 10 seconds.


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