Almost everybody has a phone now, and as you know, we all fancy getting several applications, games, pictures and clips on them for our entertainment. Although, at times, as you click away on your phone screen, it could feel like your hands are on fire.

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Smartphones are getting smaller in size. The reduced space between all the parts of the devices now mean we move about with mini-computers in our grips, pockets, bags e.t.c.

But unlike PCs, a lot of these smartphones do not come with an in-built cooling system. The one way for them to get the heat out is by radiating it out into the air, which is why your phone is always warm when you just finished using it.

And a lot of things you do with your smartphone can increase the heat it produces. Things like playing games, viewing clips, making use of the camera e.t.c can all have an impact on the processor.

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Hot Or Nah?

Except you own any of the amazing water-cooled Samsung mobile devices, you must’ve experienced your smartphone building up the heat while you made use of it. If you are bothered that the heat is getting excessive, you need to act fast.

On the Android, head to the application you use to enter phone numbers and type in this code “##4636##“. On several Android devices, this will reveal “Battery information.” Click on it and confirm what it is telling you. If the temperature is between 25-40oC, then your device is still doing fine. If it is way more hot than there is an issue. Plus, you need to check if your battery health is “Good,” because if not, that can be the reason.

On the iPhone, things are not as straightforward. Applications like Lirum Device Info Lite have to be installed from the App Store. It will reveal almost anything you might need to confirm about your mobile device, and this includes its temperature. If the result is between 0-35 oC then, all is well.

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Another possible reason for this unnecessary heat is that your mobile device might’ve been infected with malware. If you recently downloaded an application from an unknown source that is not the Play Store or App Store, then it is possible that your device is now home to an unsafe visitor, stealing its data and having a negative effect on its battery.

Try to install a malware scanning application, or restore your device from a back-up made before the issue began. If the issue continues, then a factory reset might be necessary. If things are fixed after that, then you must watch which applications you install and where you installed them from, henceforth.

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