Iphone 12 Presentation
Iphone 12 Presentation

Apple events are, for lovers of the brand or not, among the most anticipated annual events by technology-loving users. In fact, the Cupertino company manages, in most cases, to keep some of the information regarding its presentations secret, thus encouraging amazement and surprise for all spectators. In this guide, we will therefore make a simple list of platforms that will help anyone follow live (or review later) all the events of the same company.

How to watch Apple presentations live

Whether pre-recorded or actually live, Apple’s presentations can be followed around the world on the same day and at the same instant. Initially, this was only allowed by the owners of Apple products through the Safari web browser, but over time, the general opening of the company has also favored the streaming of the aforementioned events.

The first place, mainly advertised by Apple for viewing their presentations, is still the web browser (not all are supported). The company has in fact also published an entire page dedicated to past presentations and those that will take place in the future. All you need to do is visit it on the day of the event and click on the “Play” button when it starts.

For those who want to follow everything through a Smart TV, a tablet, or an Android smartphone in a simpler and more immediate way, there will be no shortage of live coverage on the official Apple channel on YouTube. Also, in this case, the rules will be the same: access it on the day of the event and wait for the play button.

Let’s not forget that Apple also has its own “TV” application, available on all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple TV. The latter, just like YouTube, can therefore be used to follow the events live. In the case of the Apple TV box, however, it will be necessary to go through the 

“App Store“ app, within which a link to the service will be added and, obviously, to the direct.

On certain occasions, Apple has even published the live stream on its 

Twitter profile, although this option does not seem to be among those always active. For this reason, we invite you to consider mainly those listed above.

All New Iphone Prices
All New Iphone Prices

How to see Apple’s presentations on demand

Even those who unfortunately will not be able to follow the events live will have the opportunity to recover. In particular, all the channels listed above (apart, possibly, Twitter) will keep the video recording for a second viewing. On YouTube it will be enough once again to reach the official channel, on the browser you will only need to visit the page dedicated to the events again and scroll through the past ones, while in the “Apple TV” app you will necessarily have to search for presentations using the keyword “Apple Event”.

Among the possible platforms to be used for viewing Apple presentations on-demand, we add another one: Apple Podcast. In particular, within the official podcast of the company’s events, it will be possible to browse the richest catalog of presentations, as the recordings date back to January 9, 2007, the day on which iPhone was announced.

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