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Facebook Live

We will be walking you down the process to take in order to generate Facebook Live Stream Key. The live stream key is needed by any Facebook user that wants to go Live on Facebook user a third party app or software. The stream key can only be gotten from Facebook. And we will be showing you how to go about it.

In 2015, Facebook launched the Go live feature which lets you broadcast yourself, an event or anything you want the world to see. This feature was then limited to just celebrities on the platform but was later open for all to use. Just like the Go Live Feature on YouTube. Now everyone with a Facebook account can live stream their content on Facebook.

Generate Facebook live stream key

Although, the process is somewhat easy on Facebook for iOS and Android. It is somewhat complicated on PC and although you can stream using your webcam or any other external cam you have plugged into you PC. Some prefer to use other apps to stream as it gives them some features to play around with that Facebook doesn’t.

Currently, there are so many softwares/apps ( also Known as Encoders) you can use to live stream on your Facebook account. From OBS Studio, Wire cast, vMix, mimoLive, BeLive. Although, some of these app are free to use and open source like OBS, but some other are not. So you will have to pay to use those app.

To be able to use any app to live stream on your Facebook, you will have to generate a live stream key. This key will be requested by any app you decide to use in order to be able to publish your live stream to your Facebook account. You can also publish a live stream on your Facebook page from the app.

There are different methods for generating Facebook live stream key for Facebook Pages and for your Facebook profile.

How To Generate Facebook Live Stream Key

For Facebook Pages

Log In to your Facebook account and Goto the Facebook Page you want to broadcast on.

⚫ Click on Publishing Tools at the top of the screen.

⚫ In the left menu, Select the Video Library option that is under the Videos section.

⚫ Tap on the +Create or +Live to start configuring your live stream.

⚫ Click on Live Video.

⚫ Click on The Connect option to see both your server URL and Your Stream Key.

For your Facebook profile

Log In To Your Facebook account.

⚫In your home screen, click on Live Video which is at the top middle of the screen, just below the search button.

⚫Click On Connect right next to Camera.

⚫ Your Stream Key as well as your Your server URL should be visible.

Once you have the stream key you can now take it to the app you plan on using for the live stream. Input it and set some other stuff as you like and Go Live.

Note:Your stream key is only valid for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it resets to another stream key.


Going live through a third party app/software/encoder is pretty tasking but worth it. There are also a lot of other customization you add to your live stream through those apps that are not available on the Facebook website.

So learning how to generate Facebook live stream key will sure come in handy for those who want to broadcast lets say an event on their Facebook page or Account for all to watch.

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