Koogeek Door Window Sensor
Koogeek Door Window Sensor

This small accessory compatible with HomeKit will send an alert to your mobile phone. Accessories compatible with HomeKit – Apple’s home automation platform – are a real wonder in the world of technology. Not only do they allow us to improve the quality of our life with the automation and remote control functions, but they also offer us the possibility to control every aspect of their operation from our tablet or mobile phone.

Thanks to these types of products, we have the possibility to turn on a light bulb without getting up from the sofa, protect the security of our home with smart padlocks or even control the lighting of your home. On TechLector we recommend every week all types of products compatible with HomeKit. And this time it’s the turn of a small Koogeek accessory: a sensor for doors and windows.

How to get notifications on your iPhone when a door is opened at home

This Koogeek product is made up of two small devices. An emitter and a receiver. They are so small that they barely reach 7 cm in length. They are designed to be placed on a door and in a frame to control when a door is opened at all times. But in addition to the doors, the sensor also works with windows, closet doors, or drawers.

The sensor can be positioned on any surface thanks to an adhesive – which is included in the product packaging – without having to resort to complex installation processes. In addition, it also has a small green LED indicator.

Once installed, the accessory will automatically detect when a door is opened and send a notification to your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, being compatible with HomeKit, you can check in a few seconds whether the door is open or closed. Everything from the screen of your mobile device.

Where to buy this sensor for doors and windows

The accessory is available on Amazon at a fairly affordable price. In fact, it is currently on sale, so if you plan to buy it you could save around 7 euros.

Original price: € 32.99

Offer price € 25.99 Shipping included and VAT included

Buy | Amazon

In short, the Koogeek door and window sensor have enchanted us. It is a highly recommended product, and not only in terms of safety, but it will also allow you to combine its operation with the operation of other HomeKit accessories since from the Home application you can automate the process so that a light turns on when you open it. a door. Imagine the infinite possibilities!

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