Several latest smartphones were released with various features that ensure they are usable, attainable and acceptable for lots of phone users. One unique quality that makes the Samsung Galaxy S9 stand out is the Predictive Text feature, which provides suggestions while you type, so you do not have to separately type out all the words if that’s not what you want. As icing on the cake, Samsung even included the option to enable or disable this feature whenever you want so you can stop using it if you feel it is not needed.

If you need the knowledge about the Predictive Text feature and some other settings, then you will find this write-up interesting. Lemme put you through on how you can turn on and turn off the Predictive Text, plus ways to make use of other features.

How You Can Deactivate Predictive Text On Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Head to the top of the screen to select Quick Settings and then tap Settings.
  2. Head to Language and Input, tap on Keyboard and Input, and then click on Virtual Keyboard.
  3. Lastly, select your keyboard’s name–Google Keyboard by default and click on Predictive Text from the list with available settings, then ensure the Show Suggestions feature is toggled off.
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As soon as you are done with this, the Predictive Text feature will no longer function. Another way to get this done is by pinning the Settings icon from the Apps collection to the Home screen of your mobile phone. This ensures it is simpler to have access to anytime you aim to use it.

Battling With The Text Correction Option On Samsung Galaxy S9

If you are an addict to typing on your Galaxy S9 device, you might feel the Text Correction feature on it can sometimes modify and rewrite words that are correct already, for instance, when you type a name or any other thing you are familiar with. To simplify things for yourself, you can register words that you make use of regularly but your device fails to recognize immediately, and have them inserted into your phone’s dictionary. This makes sure your mobile device relates to these words correctly and do not engage in any sort of correction that will end up being wrong.

More Features On Samsung Galaxy S9

There are more features, like being able to register an extended press key function. For instance, if you use the word “office.” regularly, you are allowed to register that word so that as soon as you type the first letter of it, your phone will immediately remember that word and show it to you. Therefore, you can make some particular keys to rep a specific word on your device. Very soon, we expect to be allowed to be able to type in our very own type of shorthand.

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To personalize things the more for Galaxy S9 users, Samsung currently allows you to disable the automatic sending of stats to Google.


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