How To Get Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Car Mode

What Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Car Mode like you’ve already guessed is meant for people who are mostly on the wheels. It provides you with a way to Access and carry out some functions on your phone while driving. If you rarely drive then the car mode might not be for you. However, you drive regularly then the car mode is most definitely for you.

With Car Mode, you use your phone while trying without picking up the phone. All you have to do is simply talk to your phone. Just like a phone assistant, you start by saying “Hi Galaxy” to bring up the car mode. From here you can now tell your phone to maybe give you directions to a certain Location or call a saved contact.

The Car Mode usually comes pre-installed with all new Samsung Galaxy devices, but some users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users can’t seem to find the car mode feature on their device. If you are among those that can find it on theirs, then there is no cause for alarm as you can simply download the app back from the Galaxy app store. We will be showing you some simple steps to download it again to your device from the Galaxy App store.

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How To Get Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Car Mode

  • Locate and Open the Samsung App Store (Not Google Play Store) on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
  • Search for “Car Mode” and Choose The Result “Car Mode” (For Galaxy)

  • Hit the Install button and wait for it to install.

  • Once it is done Installing, Quit the Samsung App Store and go back to your apps drawer or home screen.

  • Now, whenever you want to use the Car Mode all you have to do is locate the Car Mode App and Launch it.


That is how to get Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Car Mode. If you still have questions about the Car Mode feature or any other questions about this piece. Feel free to drop the question(s) in the comment section down below.

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