Ever since Apple launched the iPhone X with its notorious notch, more phone companies have emulated this. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus are not exempted. They came with their own cut-out for their front-facing cameras.

Owners might fancy the Galaxy S10’s little notch, which resembles a small black oval close to the top right of the display, but if you do not like it, Samsung has offered a simple way to hide it.

You can activate a digital black bar that covers the top of the display, ensuring the notch is basically invisible.

The disadvantage though, is that a small real estate from the display will be lost, and it resembles an asymmetric bezel, which can worsen things.

To try it, this is how to get it done.

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How Can I Hide The Camera Notch On A Samsung Galaxy S10?

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Click “Display.”
  3.  Click “Full-screen apps.”
  4. Activate the “Hide front camera” by sliding the button to the right.

How Can I Hide The Camera Notch On My Galaxy S10 With A Wallpaper?

If you do not fancy activating the black bar, there is a different option, you can download a custom wallpaper that was properly developed to hide the notch.

Surely, this solution has its flaws, because it only functions with the Home screen, where the wallpaper is visible. The notch will still be seen in applications. To try it out, a well-known source for notch-hiding wallpaper is the S10wallpapers subreddit.

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  1. Access the S10wallpapers subreddit in your Samsung Galaxy S10’s browser.
  2.  Browse till you see a wallpaper you want to make use of. There are several options such as “Star Wars,” well-known games and TV series. Ensure you select a wallpaper for the right device, because each wallpaper is designed for a particular model of the Samsung Galaxy S10, and the wallpaper for the S10 will not work well with on the S10 Plus.
  3. Click the picture to ensure it displays the complete screen.
  4. Click and hold the picture till a menu is visible, then click “Download image.”
  5. After downloading the picture to your smartphone, launch Settings.
  6. Click “Wallpapers and themes.”
  7. Within “My wallpapers” at the top of the page. Click “Gallery.”
  8. Select the picture you downloaded from Reddit and then decide if you need it to be visible on the home screen or the Home and Lock screens.
  9. Click “Set as wallpaper.”

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