How To Hide Your Last Name On LinkedIn

Everyone loves their privacy, and even though LinkedIn is all about professionalism. You would think something as important as your last name would have been made a must to be visible on the platform. Well, guess what? It was not and You can hide your last name on LinkedIn. We will be showing you how it is done in this article.

LinkedIn is a professional network site that allows its users (Both potential employers and job seekers) post jobs and CVs on their platform. Job seekers can create their profile, attached their CVs alongside a little bit of information about themselves and a contact method. Like where they have worked till date, where they are currently working if they are, etc. Just in case a potential employer comes across your Profile.

Hide Your Last Name On LinkedIn

Nevertheless, Privacy is still something to take seriously even when job hunting. So as much as LinkedIn understands that a potential employer would need all the possible information he/she can get about you. They also understand that you ultimately have to right to choose what people can see or can not see on your LinkedIn profile. Starting with something as important as your name.

However, Some might choose not hide their last name on their LinkedIn profile. As it probably does not bother them that a lot of people might be seeing their profile. But it is good that the power to make such decision lies in your hands. And if you are among those people that take their privacy very seriously and would like to hide your last name on LinkedIn then follow the steps below.

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn?

How To Hide Your Last Name On LinkedIn

Log In to your LinkedIn Account.

⚫ Navigate to your Profile Section. (by clicking your profile picture at the top left corner of the screen on mobile)

⚫ Scroll down to see the Settings & Privacy and Click on it or click on the Settings Icon at the top right corner of the screen if you are on the mobile site.

⚫ At the top of the Settings Page Click on Privacy.

⚫ Scroll down till you see "Who Can See My Last Name"

⚫ Click on the Change Button beside it.

⚫ Now Two options should pop up, one being Your Full Name(Both first and last written in full), While the other being an Abbreviation (The First Letter of your Last Name and your other name).

⚫ Select the Abbreviated Name(The first letter of your last name and other names) and save.

Note: Hiding your last name does not completely make it invisible to everyone. Your name will still be visible to your Connections even after hiding your last name.


You can now go ahead and hide your last name on LinkedIn. Just because you're looking for a job or workers does not mean you have to divulge most of your information. There are also some other settings under the privacy section on LinkedIn. So you might also want to take a look at those and play around with it to suit you.

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