Chrome to safari
Chrome to safari

How to import passwords from chrome to safari is pretty easy and straightforward. And I’m going to be teaching you how to go about it.

Changing a Browser these days can be challenging. You’d have to first find a browser that’ll suit all your needs. My needs in a browser include Lightweight, super fast, nice interface, secure and doesn’t consume too much ram. Of course, there are other things I would obviously need in a Browser but these are just the important ones.

Import Passwords From Chrome To Safari

I use to get all these with internet explorer(Now Microsoft Edge) on the then Windows XP and Windows 7. But as time went on internet explorer kinda fizzled out so I moved on to chrome. Till today, I’m still with chrome and I’m glad I made the move. Even with the revamp of the old internet explorer web browser to Microsoft Edge which looks really nice and has a lot of great Features But didn’t make me look back.

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However, something has been on my mind for a while now. What if I get a MacBook and decide to move to Another web browser fully? Like Firefox or Safari. This will particularly be tasking for me. Moving things like my bookmarks, settings, default search engine (I only do Google) and Default homepage will be tiring and I most certainly won’t get it done in a week or two. Thanks to the number of websites I have bookmarked.

What about saving passwords? I’ve even forgotten most of them. This got me researching and looking for ways to import not just passwords but settings and other stuff from chrome to safari. My research yielded some results and I will be letting you in on that.

How To Import Passwords From Chrome To Safari

● Make sure Google Chrome is Installed On Your MacBook.

● Open Your Safari Browser and Click On File.

● Move the Cursor/Mouse to the Import From Option.

● You should see Chrome, Firefox and any other Browser you might have installed that supports the feature. As well as import using an HTML File (.Csv) if you have one.

● Now select Google Chrome. This should take you to the Safari Browser with some options.

● Mark the necessary ones you want to import. Either Bookmarks, History or Passwords. You can mark all if you want and click OK.

● It should start syncing immediately.

You won’t see any progress bar on the screen but be rest assured that it is syncing in the background. Depending on how many sites you have bookmarked and how many save passwords you have. It should only take a couple of minutes. When it is done you should see the bookmarks and other changes on your safari browser.


There are other ways to import passwords from chrome to Safari but it involves downloading a .sv file which is not safe to have. The .Csv file contains the password of all the websites you’ve ever logged in to via chrome. Such Files should not be kept on PC, especially if you have no antivirus installed on your PC.

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