How to increase Internet speed on your PC

Working with slow internet can be a very frustrating thing and is a huge inconvenience. Although it is not possible to increase your internet speed beyond the speed your internet service provider has provided you, most of us still don’t get the most out of our internet connection.

To reach the pick of internet connectivity on your PC, you should apply a combination of a Hardware solution, software updates, and general fix.

Hardware fix

Hardware devices like modems, routers, computers, smartphones, and tablets all suffer depreciation after a few years of use, these devices are no longer able to perform as they use to- internet speed and the general performance of these hardware will drop. You might also notice such problem when you install a new operating system on an old mobile device or computer.

A quick fix to internet speed issues; unplug/disconnect your modem, router for a few minutes, it will allow the router or modem clear out its internal cache and restart from scratch.

Software fix

It is very important to keep your computer updated to the most recent operating system, antivirus software, etc. However, if your computer is slowing down because of its age, the operating system update will most likely not work.

If your computer is affected by Malware/viruses, it can interfere with your computer’s ability to access the internet smoothly. Constant operating system update and running antivirus software will detect and remove malware and virus in the computer system. Also, make sure you are using a current internet browser, an out-of-date browser can cause slow web page load time. It is also advisable to always clear cache, there can be internet connection issues when a website’s cache doesn’t the browser’s record.

General fix

Here are a few other fixes that might solve your slow internet speed problem;

  • There may be too many devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi networks can only handle a certain amount of traffic before it begins to slow down, make sure you control the number of devices that connects to your Wi-Fi network at a time.
  • Make sure your router is visible and close to where you are using your computer, if a router signal travels through a wall or any physical obstacle, its signal will definitely become weaker.

Low internet speed from your internet service provider could also be the cause. in this case, you will have to wait until the internet speed improves.

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