How to increase the display resolution on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

To date, Note 8 has been considered the best smartphone that the Samsung manufacturer has ever made. It has completely revolutionized the Infinity Display, the first dual camera of the group and the S Pen now inevitable in every series, a true top of the range with a unique design and features at the top that can offer excellent performance at all times.

That said, in today’s guide we will be showing you how to increase the resolution of the display on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 following a trivial procedure.

Not everyone knows that the Korean giant has set the resolution of the Full HD Notes by default. The device can get up to QHD very useful, however, only and exclusively when playing video games in 3D pushed or eventually you dive into the virtual reality worlds of Gear VR that in recent months is proving increasingly successful.

In conclusion, the resolution can also always leave the maximum during the day, but be sure that you will not even get to halfway through the day because the battery will drain quickly.

Which resolution do you use with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Can the battery last you all day? Or do you have to top up multiple times?

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