Have you ever wondered why you cannot make use of your interesting browser extensions that work on your laptop and desktop on your smartphone? Then you must be a Chrome user. Mozilla Firefox users can install extensions for the Android version of the browser but this ability is not in the official version of Chrome.

In its stead, I will advise you to come check out another browser which is based on Chromium and will give you the things you will find in Chrome plus additional benefits of using extensions with your mobile browser as well. The browser is named Kiwi Browser and below is how you can begin to unlock support for extensions.

Before anything else, install the browser. There is a built-in ad-blocking that will encourage you the more. In older versions of the browser, its options were kinda under-the-hood, but extension support is built-in and activated in its newest version to improve your browsing experience.

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As soon as the browser’s new tab page loads, click on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner. Locate “Extensions” and click it. An information telling you about Kiwi’s web store will be visible, it is only a hyperlink to the Chrome web store that whoever has installed an extension on the browser’s desktop version should already know about.

Plus, this website is not formatted for a mobile feel, because Google concludes you will not need to visit it on your mobile device.

When it comes to extension you will enjoy using on Kiwi, things get a little complicated. At first, all extensions you try to download and install can reveal an error message telling you they cannot be installed.

What you must know is that not every extension will work on your mobile browser. You might find out that almost every New Tab extension you try will totally fail, for instance. Even the Save to Pocket extension might not function as it should, and it might only keep showing a blank new tab whenever you try.

Ublock Origin will work perfectly though.

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How deep you wish to go to discover what works and what doesn’t as per mobile chrome extensions is up to you. To locate and gain access to the extensions you have installed, click the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner of Kiwi’s browser and go down to the bottom of the menu. There, all your extensions which will appear as the mobile equivalent of icon in a toolbar will be visible.

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