WhatsApp On Blackberry
WhatsApp On Blackberry

If you have any blackberry device running the version 10 of the Blackberry OS or less then chances are, you can not use the WhatsApp app on your device. But I will be showing how to bypass that restriction to install WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 devices.

WhatsApp discontinued their support for the Blackberry OS 10 and below sometime last year. This move by WhatsApp has seen its disgruntled users on the Blackberry OS looking for other ways to still use the WhatsApp application on their device. Some blackberry 10 users saw this as a deal breaker and have already cut their loss and sold their phones. While some other have moved over to the Android OS or iOS.

Install WhatsApp

Some are still holding on to their devices and if you among those that have not sold or Abandoned your blackberry os 10 device then there is still a way for you to use WhatsApp on your device again. The Blackberry OS 10 on your device has the capability to not only accept .apk files but also run them like androids would.

If you do not know, .apk files are the traditional android application packages. Just .jar on our beloved S40, S60 and Symbian devices way back. This makes blackberry 10 devices capable of running any app or game that the Android would. Most importantly it can run the Android version of WhatsApp. You can also download the google play store for android on your Blackberry 10 devices, having access to a lot of Android applications at your fingertips.

We will be showing you how that can be achieved with some few easy steps.

How To Install WhatsApp On Blackberry 10 Devices

Step 1

⚫ Goto Settings on Your Blackberry 10 device and Click On Installing Apps and Allow Installing Of Apps From Unknown Sources.

⚫ Head Over To Google and Search For “WhatsApp Apk”

Download the latest WhatsApp APK file from any of the sites in the results. But Be careful not to download another app posing as WhatsApp or download a virus.

⚫ After Downloading, Locate the APK File on your file manager and Install it.

⚫ After installing, Open the WhatsApp App and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can also search and download the “Google Play Store Apk”. Install it and Log in using your Google account. After that, you can install WhatsApp from the app.

Step 2

You can also try backdating your time on your blackberry device and restart your phone. After that, Launch your WhatsApp app and it should work.

Backdate your device to any date last year. Like November 24, 2017.

Restart Your device.

⚫ Launch WhatsApp and you should no longer see the “WhatsApp does not support your phone blah blah blah”

⚫ Enjoy your WhatsApp.

So if you are okay with having a wrong date then use step 2, if not use step 1.


You can also install other apps like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and a lot of other apps from the Google Play Store. You can also download android games like temple run and the rest and play. As long as your device can handle it.

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