Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick

Through this guide, you will learn how to jailbreak Fire TV Stick and install streaming apps to watch free movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports and more. The jailbreak method described here also works on Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube,

Amazon FireStick is a very popular streaming device. This device is very simple, but full of features, it is a low-cost solution to convert any normal TV with an HDMI socket into a smart TV. FireStick lets you stream content from a variety of online media and entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and various TV networks.

It’s wonderful. But it has a big disadvantage. You have to pay to be able to watch the content through these entertainment services. That’s why we jailbreak the Fire Stick, The jailbreak allows you to download and use third-party streaming apps that give you free access to all your movies, programs, live TV channels, sports and more.

And yes! The Fire Stick jailbreak is totally legal. You bought the device, you own it and therefore you can do what you like. However, pirated content streaming is illegal, so the problem is yours.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage or promote the streaming of copyrighted content.

How to jailbreak the Fire Stick

Although the Amazon Fire Stick jailbreak process isn’t exactly child’s play, it’s not even a futuristic science. I divided the process with easy-to-follow detailed instructions. Make sure you follow them exactly and you will eventually have a Fire Stick jailbreak in minutes.

You may have seen some Jailbroken Fire Sticks for sale on the Internet. These devices are generally sold for € 40-50 to be added to the price of the gadget. You don’t really need to spend that extra money when you can do it all yourself and like I said, “in a few minutes.” Furthermore, it is illegal to sell and buy Fire Sticks jailbreak.

Follow the steps below carefully and you can easily jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick, I have successfully performed these steps several times on my second generation Firestick with Alexa Voice Remote, FireStick 4K and Fire TV Cube.

Step 1: Fire Stick setting for jailbreak

First, you need to change a setting on Fire TV Stick / Cube to allow the jailbreak process. This native setting is all you need to change to get started. You are NOT manipulating any system settings or files that are important to the operating system, This jailbreak hack is easier than most people think. You don’t even need a computer. All you need is the FireStick, its remote control and an Internet connection.

  1. Select Settings in the main FireStick screen using the remote control (menu bar option at the far right top)
  2. Now select and click on My Fire TV (or Device on Fire TV Sticks with previous software)
  3. Open the Developer Options on the next screen.
  4. Now enable or simply turn on: App from unknown sources.
  5. Click Activate when prompted.
  6. Now, press the Back button on the remote once to return to the FireStick settings. Select and click Preferences.
  7. Click on Privacy Settings.
  8. Disable the following two options: Device usage data and Collect app usage data.
  9. Once again, press the Back button once on the remote control to return to the Preferences option. Click Data Tracking.
  10. Disable data monitoring.

This is all you need to do to prepare Fire Stick for the jailbreak process. Let’s move on to the second part.

Step 2: Install ES File Explorer on FireStick

ES File Explorer appears to be a wonderful File Manager application. At the same time, it is also a very useful sideloading tool for Amazon Fire TV Stick and other Android devices. This app is free and you can download it in a minute from the Amazon App Store.

You need ES File Explorer to jailbreak FireStick / Fire TV / Fire TV Cube and install several streaming apps on it. It’s absolutely free and you can easily download it from the Amazon App Store,

  1. Go to the main FireStick screen and use the remote control to select the Search option (target icon) in the upper right corner of the display.
  2. Now look for ES File Explorer using the on-screen keyboard. Click on ES File Explorer when you see it in the search results.
  3. Click on the ES File Explorer icon on the next screen and click on Download in the following screen.
  4. Click Open to launch the ES File Explorer app.

Step 3: Jailbreak Fire Stick

The installation of Kodi is the last step in the Fire TV Stick jailbreak. Kodi is a multimedia application that gives you access to the vast world of free entertainment. It allows you to watch your movies, shows, TV channels, sports, favorite children’s content and much more. Yes, you can stream whatever you want. All you need are the right Kodi add-ons and builds.

We will jailbreak the Fire Stick with Kodi using the ES File Explorer app just downloaded from the Amazon Store. Here are the steps:

  1. Open ES File Explorer. Click the Downloader icon on the right side of the main screen (you can also click Tools> Download Manager on the left)
  2. Click + New at the bottom.
  3. When this window appears, enter the following URL where Path is indicated: Type Kodi 18 in the Name section (you can also leave this section blank) Click Download now.
  4. Wait for the ES File Explorer app to download the Kodi APK Leia 18.
  5. Click Open File.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Click Install on the window that appears next.
  8. Wait for the Kodi app to be installed. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.
  9. The notification of the installed app will confirm that Kodi has been installed on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Great! FireStick is now jailbreak.

Click Open to run Kodi. If you want to open Kodi later, click Finish, You can open it later from the Your apps and channels list.

  1. Kodi will take a minute to open up if it is the first time. It’s normal. Here’s how the Kodi main screen looks.

Wondering what to do next? Kodi is a clean slate with nothing installed. For information on how to use a jailbreak FireStick, read on.

As I said earlier, Kodi does not host any content on its own. You will need to get the content from the outside. One way is to play the media files saved in the local memory. However, this is not where the true value of Kodi lies. The biggest advantage of Kodi is that it opens the door to the vast world of free content on the Internet.

How to install Addon on Kodi

  1. Go to the Kodi main screen and select the ‘Settings’ tab,
  2. Switch to the ‘File Manager’ option,
  3. It will open a new window. Select the “Add source” option from the menu bar on the left side.
  4. Enter the following URL, “” in the box above and type fusion below. Press OK,
  5. Go to the main screen and select “Add-ons”,
  6. Click the box icon.
  7. Now select “Install from zip file”,
  8. Select from the ‘fusion’ list,
  9. Click on the “Start Here” option to start it. Wait a few moments and let it configure itself.
  10. Then click on plugin.program.indigo-xxxzip
  11. After this, you will have installed the Indigo add-on, Open it and select “Addon Installer”.

List of the 10 best addons for Kodi

  • Supremacy: this addon can be considered a real all-in-one. You can find many movies, TV series and sporting events also in 4K HDR and in 3D. To be able to use it, add the “Supremacy Repository” repository (
  • Maverick TV: addon Kodi that aims very strongly at comedies, documentaries and TV series in 4K UHD. Repository: Maverick Repository (
  • 13 Clowns: extension designed especially for those who want to watch multiple TV channels live. Download link:
  • Movie Theater Butter: improved Exodus fork. Available on Tempest Repository (
  • Exodus Redux: fork of the famous Exodus Addons, which uses Open Scrapers to fathom the web in search of links to movies and TV series of excellent quality. To install it, consult the official GitHub page (
  • Yoda: Downloadable from the Supremacy Repository (, Yoda focuses a lot on design that hasn’t changed for years and a rich catalog of documentaries, films and TV series of all kinds.
  • Magic Dragon: among the Kodi addons available in 2019 is certainly the richest in content. It contains a wealth of different content including content for children, music, radio and sports: it’s hard to find better this year! This addon is also available on the Supremacy Repository (
  • Tempest: yet another fork of Exodus that focuses on the massive download of links. Available for download following the addition of the Tempest Repository (
  • Overeasy: it is the “clone” of Exodus most similar to its ancestor. To be able to try it, rely on the Eggman Repository (
  • Tubi TV: this addon takes an approach in stark contrast to the other top Kodi addons of 2019. Rather than having the new movies and TV series as soon as possible, this extension focuses on performance and ease of use. To try it, trust the BG Addons Repository (

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