How To Jailbreak Your iOS Device Without A Computer?


Immediately the new iOS is released, developers will rapidly work out a jailbreak for it.

In the past, before iPhones and iPads took over, you needed to make use of your personal computer or Mac to jailbreak iOS. But these days, there is no need to worry about that anymore, since it can be achieved through the smartphone itself.

To aid a jailbreak without a PC, the developers use Apple self-signing app service. This allows you to download and run any application on iOS, even if it is nowhere to be found in the App Store. And what is more superb about this is that you do not need an all-round knowledge about technology to get it done even if there are some basic things you must know.

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Be Warned

Jailbreak is you simply hacking into your iOS device. And when a jailbreak has been done, phone owners do not face any problems with their devices. But if you feel your iOS device suddenly began to malfunction when you are done, the jailbreak might’ve caused it.

Restarts once in a while, poor general performance and weak battery life are the bad signals you must pay attention to if a jailbreak went south. Do not also forget that doing jailbreaking can affect the iPhone/iPad warranty and copyright for specific applications.

Jailbreaking is all about the installation of a 3rd-party software and there are several instructions to be adhered to.

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iOS 12.3.1 update was recently released and the instructions below suits iOS 12.1.2.

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How Can I Jailbreak My iOS Device Without A Computer?

  1. To get the newest jailbreak software, go to, click Apps, and choose Tweakbox Apps. Enter "unc0ver jailbreak" in the search bar and open the application that pops up. Be aware that the developer wants you to enable "Airplane mode" as you install the application.
  2. Tap "Install." with the Airplane mode activated and confirm by clicking "Install" in the pop-up window. As soon as the installation is wrapped up. Immediately, the app will be visible on your iOS device and you will be able to exit the silent mode.
  3.  You now have to use Apple self-signing app service and let unc0ver run on your iPhone or iPad. Click Settings, choose General and head to Device Management, it is way down on the General menu. When you are within Device Management, choose ShangHai P&C Information Technology Co., Ltd below Enterprise Application and click "Trust ShangHai P&C Information." A pop-up window will be visible requesting you to confirm your choice and you can click "Trust" one more time. Be aware that the unc0ver jailbreak might dub the developer in a different way. For instance, Lebo International Investment Development Co.Ltd might be visible rather than ShangHai P&C. The name does not matter. It is still the same unc0ver app developer so do not get confused.
  4. After trusting the app, Quit Settings, and click on the unc0ver app to begin a jailbreak. Tap the "Jailbreak" in the middle of the display and hold on for the app to do its thing.
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As soon as jailbreak is wrapped up, your iOS device will restart and the Cydia application will be visible close to unc0ver. Do not forget that it may not work the first time it is done. If you see no Cydia after the smartphone restarts, go over this step once more till the app is visible.

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