iPhone Charging via Wall Adapter
iPhone Charging via Wall Adapter

Load-shedding is a method of reducing demand pressure on the energy generation system by rotating the distribution of energy to different geographical areas. Power outage can be caused by a number of factors which include:

  • Earthquakes can damage powerlines and electrical facilities resulting in a power outage.
  • Heavy rainfall, storm, and lightning.
  • High power demand.
  • High power demand can also be a factor. There are certain periods of unusual power demand, resulting in overburdened electric cables, transformer and other electrical equipment’s.

For some of us, we leave our gadgets plugged into power sources every time they are in use, and even after use. For example, a computer or a TV set.

Load-shedding and power outage is a very unpleasant situation we most times find ourselves in, and we must find ways around it.  In this article, we will highlight a few tips on how to keep your gadgets safe during a sudden power outage or load-shedding.

  • Unplug your gadget cables

Make sure you always unplug your gadget cables connected to your devices when there is a sudden power outage. It is important to always do this, so as to avoid getting your gadgets damaged when there is a sudden restoration of power.

  • Get a UPS for your gadgets

Alternatively, you can purchase an uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS). it works as a surge protector, and with its built-in battery, your gadgets can be powered for a while after there is a power outage.

  • Purchase a surge protector

An electrical surge from power outage is arguably the greatest cause of damage to electrical equipment’s. As such, it is important to install a surge protection device to help minimize damage when there is an unforeseen situation or when power is restored suddenly.

To make sure your activities on gadgets are not cut shot after a sudden power outage, make sure your devices are fully charged in order to carry on working. You can also purchase a battery power bank or an extra battery that can power your device through a power outage.

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