Facebook’s mishandling of user email contacts is common knowledge. This clear disregard for privacy has already caused a firestorm for the Silicon Valley giant, but no one knows the entire extent of damage yet. Also, the company is still not revealing where that data has gone since being uploaded without users’ permission.

Even if Facebook no longer uses the faulty login that is responsible for the whole saga, several people who saw their contacts harvested by the social network will have no idea except Facebook decides to send them a mail about the problem personally. Luckily, there is a way that will not only allow users see if their contacts were uploaded, but will let you delete them too.

If your Facebook account was opened after 2016, your data has been collected. Confirming the status of your information is a good practice even if it only assures you. I will break down the steps on how to get your data and how you can have it erased from Facebook’s hungry servers.

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How Can I Confirm If Facebook Uploaded My Contacts?

If you do not fancy holding on for an official statement from Facebook, you can confirm the status of your contact through Facebook’s settings. Logged in on your phone? Click the hamburger icon and select Settings. For desktop, tap the downwards pointing arrow and select Settings.

After that, locate “Your Facebook Information” and tap “Access Your Information.” There, you will see a section named “Information About You.” If you choose “About You,” you will be able to access your address books and contacts.

On the Uploaded Contacts page, any contacts that Facebook has imported will be visible. If you can view contacts there, you will be able to “Delete All” and have them removed from Facebook’s server goes life. If nothing is seen, you are safe, but don’t stop reading this to know how you can ensure your privacy is not tampered with in settings.

How Can I Prevent Facebook From Capturing My Email Addresses And Contacts?

Facebook’s data misappropriation can be prevented, but you have to get it done on all the devices you own personally. As stressful as that might sound, it is worth it as long as it keeps you and your family out of Facebook’s prying eyes.

To start, click the hamburger icon once more and head to “Settings & Privacy.” Within this menu, you will see “Media and Contacts.” “Upload Contacts” will let Facebook gather your contact data.

Leaving it enabled is you permitting your data to be harvested. It is most likely in Facebook’s terms and conditions documents but who reads that these days? You are advised to disable it and you will thank me later.

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Did Facebook Exploit User Data Again?

It is common knowledge that in our generation, big data is huge business. Your info gets collected, catalogued, analyzed and used to track your every move. Even if almost all tech giants fancy collecting as much data from its users as they can get, Facebook is the social network championing this move. Now Facebook has some important questions to answer due to 4,000 documents leaked to the press.

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