Gone are the days when you send a message and have no idea if it has been delivered or not.

The days of not knowing if the receiver has read it or not is over.

For several phone users, it was not a situation they wanted to be in. Bothered boyfriends and girlfriends definitely felt that they needed to know if their bae was ignoring their messages or they read and decided to not respond.

Facebook started the era of knowing if anyone had read your message, and it ushered the future of messaging, giving the sender and receiver of messages more power.

It is a “Seen” generation we live in now where we all know when who has seen our messages and who has not. Software packages even exist that help email senders to know when anyone opened an email and the location they were at when it was opened.

These days, we can even respond to our Snapchat messages in real time. Snapchat has activated this feature alongside vital notifications.

For added knowledge, this tutorial will highlight everything you have to know about activating Snapchat’s feature that will show you when anyone is typing a message to you.

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How Can I Know If Someone Is Typing?

There are 2 proper ways to know if the individual you sent a snap to is typing a message as a response. Inside the Snapchat application, you only need to enter the chat and have a look. If the individual is typing, their Bitmoji will be visible on the bottom left of your chat.

It will appear like it is standing, which is a sign that the individual is typing. Bear in mind that these concerns just chat. If the individual is typing over the pic that you want to send, it will not be visible.

Plus, you can confirm if anyone is typing even when the Snapchat app is not launched using notifications.

How Can I Activate Snapchat Notifications?

The one thing that is required is for you to enable Snapchat to notify you when someone is typing and you will not need to watch and hold on for too long for the person to begin to type their reply. No need to bother yourself, just wait for Snapchat to notify you when the individual you sent a message to is typing his or her reply.

By so doing, you will view if they are typing without needing to launch the application and access the chat. If you want to allow Snapchat notifications of someone typing, adhere to the instructions below.

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For iOS users, this is all that must be done:

  1. Launch “Settings” and head to “Notifications.”
  2. Swipe down till you locate the Snapchat banner and then click it.
  3. Toggle the switches close to “Allow Notifications” and ensure “Show in Notification Center” is toggled on.
  4. This will reveal the notifications from Snapchat as long as your display is unlocked. If you wish to view them while it is locked too, activate “Show on Lock Screen.”

For Android owners, the process is different but smooth. Adhere to these instructions:

  1. Launch the “Settings.” application and head to “Apps.”
  2. Browse through the applications till you can view Snapchat, then choose it.
  3. Click on “Notifications,” set to “Normal” and then activate “Allow Peeking.”

You will now be able to get notified by Snapchat. You just have to enable it inside the app now. This is how to go about that:

  1. Launch Snapchat, then scroll down from the main screen.
  2. Click on the setting icon in the upper right corner and head to “Notifications.”
  3. Click on “Enable Notifications.”
  4. From the menu, you can select those that you wish to receive notifications from and modify the sound of the incoming notifications.

And you are done.

You can now see if someone is typing. As you chat with someone, you will receive a notification that will show if the person is typing.

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