How To Know If Someone Screenshots Your Text On The iPhone?


It is not proper to take a screenshot of a private conversation without the other party knowing. But do you blame those that do? since these sort of interesting/embarrassing convos attract the most likes. You can only feel pity for the people that are affected negatively as it can be a terrible ordeal.

Sadly, it is impossible to know if someone took a screenshot of your text. For more privacy, it is wise to use applications such as Snapchat.

Lets break down the brief history of the feature, which is yet to be accessible on the iPhone.

Screenshot Alerts On iMessages

The initial reports that this feature will storm iMessages began years ago, when Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco was going on.

During this period, iOS 11 was yet to be released, and everybody was anticipating the new software. The hype before the conference suggested there would be massive software updates that would enhance user experience way past only making the operating system appear nicer.

Immediately rumors started becoming news, Twitter was instantly filled with tweets claiming that iOS 11 would feature screenshot alerts on iMessages.

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Seeing the high number of likes and RTs on specific tweets, people seemed to adore the new feature, even if they were amused as well. The rumor was believed.

But, the reality does not tally with what everyone expected. There was no proof that Apple had it in its plans to usher in iMessage screenshot alerts, no code leaks or anything related.

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Till today, 12th of May 2019, iOS updates do not have these alerts and we can conclude the feature will not be here anytime soon. You can only depend on apps still.

Screenshot Alerts On Instagram

Everybody knows that Instagram has been testing the screenshot notifications feature. But there are some restrictions presently.

Because of how text screenshot notifications work, expectations of the option being used for Instagram DMs as well will not out of line. But you are allowed to only get notified for disappearing clips and images. Meaning Instagram will tell you nothing about text message, feed, or hashtag screenshots inside the DMs,

Snapchat Screenshot Notifications

Snapchat is presently the one application that provides text screenshot notifications to its users. Even if there are lots of apps that can be used to bypass this feature, it is becoming hard to deceive the system.

For whoever has Snapchat push notifications activated, the “(user) took a screenshot” message is visible instantly. Your notifications can be checked by scrolling right to check out your chats.

On Snapchat, the screenshot is represented by 2 overlapping arrows close to the contact. The time of the screenshot is also visible. It can be the precise 60 minutes, or the number of days/weeks since it took place.

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Any Decent 3rd Party Applications?

You might find a 3rd-party application that vows to offer screenshot notifications for Instagram and iMessages. We will only warn you to be careful with them.

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Lots of the available apps are tricky and some are simply scams. Apple and Instagram are quite firm about the functions 3rd party developers are allowed to roll out. Like you know already, text screenshot alerts go against the companies’ development policy.

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