Facebook does not inform you when you have been blocked by a different user, but there are lots of ways to assist you to find out.

Facebook will not send any type of notification when you get blocked, so it will surprise you when one way or the other, you discover that it happened a while back.

But even if there is no apparent status message on the social network that tells you that you have been blocked by a user, there are signs that will aid you to know when it happens.

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How Can I Know If A User Blocked Me On Facebook?

Anytime a user blocks you, some of the signs are identical to when you are unfriended. Here are a few things you must observe:

  1. They Go Missing In Your Friends List: If you are friends with the person and they suddenly go missing from your friend list, it could mean you just got blocked or unfriended. To confirm, head to your profile page, (on the web, tap on your name or on your phone, click the three horizontal lines to open the menu and click your name. Then check your Friends).
  2. They Cannot Be Tagged In Posts: If you are friends with this user, you will be able to tag them in posts, if that is not the case, you might’ve been blocked or unfriended. Make up a post and tap “Tag People.” Type in their name, if no name is visible and you cannot select, this is a clear sign.
  3. They Cannot Be Invited To Events Or Groups: Also, whenever you create an event and discover that a particular person cannot be invited, you have been blocked or unfriended.
  4. Their Posts Are No Longer Visible In Your Facebook Feed: Lastly, if you know you are friends with the user and cannot see their posts anymore on your feed, you have been unfriended or blocked.

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There are 3 other apparent indications that you’ve been blocked.

  1. The User Cannot Be Found In Search: Normally, any Facebook account should be seen after you enter the name in the search box. If you type in their name and you do not see them, the person blocked you.
  2. You Are Unable To Send The User A Message In Facebook Messenger: If you were friends and now you send a message only to view an error that tells you the user is unavailable, sorry to break the news, but you have been blocked.
  3. The User’s Profile Page Is Not Visible: If you attempt to head to the person’s profile page, and you are notified that the user is unavailable, you got blocked a while back.

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