How to know the age of your Computer

Have you ever wondered how old your PC is? in this article, you will see how to find out the age of your computer, know the age of the BIOS and the date of installation of Windows 10.

Our computers are composed of many hardware and software components that create the computer architecture. One of the most important pieces is the motherboard or backplane, which is the part where all the components are connected as are the video card, audio processor, disks, network, etc.

If your computer uses the Microsoft Windows operating system, you can use two ways to access the BIOS information, where you can view the approximate date on which the computer was created. The BIOS gives us a lot of information about our PC.

We must keep in mind that in the desktops we can find components of different generations because they are assembled in pieces and later added hardware elements at different times.

An element that can give us a closer idea of ​​the age of our PC is the version and date of the BIOS, and for this reason today you will see how to know the associated date within it.

To discover a reference date, a good method would be to consult the warranty with the seal of the place where the computer was purchased.

How can I see what year my computer is

As mentioned above, if your computer uses an operating system like "Windows", you can use two ways to access BIOS information. This will show the approximate date in which the PC was built.

In this sense, if you want to know the age of your computer, we will present the steps to be performed using the CMD command or directly from the Windows system.

How to know the age of a computer from its BIOS using the commands in Windows 10

The first step will be to open the command terminal, then we will open Run with the following combination: Windows + R key

Now type cmd to open the command terminal and press Enter.

Now type the following command to view the information: systeminfo

You will see that the information on your system will be displayed. You need to look for the "Original installation date" line to view the PC creation date information.

How to know the age of a computer and its BIOS using the boot menu in Windows 10

We have another even easier way to learn about the life of our computer.

Pressed "start", then the "all programs" option and a window will open. Subsequently, another option will appear which says "accessories" then "system tools" and finally "system information".

Now we will see the system information, including the BIOS date and so you will know the age of your computer.

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