If you would like to know your iPhone Xs IMEI Number, then stick with me as I show you out to go about it. The IMEI number of a device helps identify the device from the host of devices out there. IMEI is like a phone’s fingerprint which only the phone in this world has. The IMEI number of your device makes it possible for someone to single out your particular device among other similar and not so similar devices. Now there are many ways to check your iPhone Xs IMEI number, and we will let you in on them all here.

How To Check Your iPhone Xs IMEI Number

The first method is to check your iPhone Xs IMEI number is the universal method to check every Smartphone’s IMEI number. This method works for every Smartphone out there and will most definitely work on the new iPhone Xs Smartphone. Just follow the steps below.

– Open the Dialer App.

– Now Input the following code: *#06#

– Once you input that code into the dialer app, the IMEI of your iPhone Xs pops up on the screen. You don’t need to press send after inputting the above Code. Once you type in the last # of the code, the IMEI number pops up immediately.

Other Ways To Check Your iPhone Xs IMEI number

The IMEI number is also written on the box of the device. So if you still have the box lying around, you can dust it up and check for the IMEI number on the body of the box, and you’ll definitely find it there. If you don’t know where you kept the box, you can check the SIM tray. The IMEI number of newer iPhone are lightly written on the SIM tray. So if you need to know your iPhone Xs IMEI number when you phone is maybe off, and you can’t find the box. All you have to do is just pull out the SIM tray and voila! You have your phone’s IMEI number.


Apple used to write the IMEI number of iPhones on the back of the devices but have stopped, starting from the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. So if you’re coming from an older model like the iPhone 5 or older, then you’ll find out the IMEI number isn’t written at the back anymore. Good thing you have above methods to still be able to check your iPhone Xs IMEI number right?

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