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radio 1

Smartphones come with inbuilt FM radio Apps, but most of these Apps can only play local FM stations in the geographical location they’re being used. There are a lot of available Apps designed for online streaming. Here are some of the best.


Tunein is one of the most popular radio streaming Apps. The App comes with more than 100,000 radio stations and with millions of on-demand programs and podcasts from around the world. The Tunein App has a free and premium version. The premium version offers its users access to streaming live NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA. It also comes with ad-free music streaming. In addition to that, it can deliver news, comedy, sport, radio talk, etc.

Radio online – PC radio

This is a very interesting android App because it can work with low internet speed. It comes with hundreds of radio stations and you can search for any radio station of your choice in the search bar. You can also make certain radio stations your favorite and access them easily without searching. It is available for free but comes with ads.


iHeartRadio is quite similar to the Tunein radio App. just like Tunein, it has a wide range of stations you can choose from, including IHeartRadio’s own FM station. You can access playlist for almost every music genre or seasonal playlists. It has a free and premium plan for users to choose from.


xiliaLive comes with a wide range of amazing features and over 50,000 live radio stations. you can also start your favorite radio stations for easy access. You can add your preferred radio station URL link, it comes with a Bluetooth option, an equalizer, etc.


Although AccuRadio is not a very popular App, it offers amazing features, it has over 1000 radio channels you can choose from. There are rating systems and you can ban songs from your station.  


This radio App is quite different from the rest. The Pandora App allows you to create your own stations. You can build them around your favorite music genre, artiste and song. Pandora also offers playlist to stream and you can also create your own list.

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