How To Lock The Volume On Your Android Phone?

Mobile devices are incredibly handy pieces of tech. Possessing your favorite songs, games, social media, clips and books all in one spot is amazing. So amazing that you can be excused if you cannot remember their simple and original function – being a phone.

It is even simpler to not remember when your mobile device has been unintentionally tampered with, and now you have your ringer volume mistakenly decreased to zero. It happens to us all, and it is the cause of those vital calls you miss because you could not hear your phone ring.

It does not end there when it comes to what tampering with little side-buttons can cause. You might be working out and suddenly discover that your music volume is reducing, or you angrily fly out of the sofa when your kids begin their troublesome ways. Taking proper charge of our smartphone is a beautiful thing. The worst of them all is the silent alarms, you cannot explain to your boss that it was an innocent mistake, you’ll get an innocent sack.

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Sadly, the stock Android OS does not possess an in-built method to change or lock the volume keys. But fortunately for all of us, there are some fixes by different applications. You can lock them totally, you can restrict several sources of sound to a precise range and if you are really frustrated, you are allowed to simply switch it off completely.

If you intend to regain control of how loud your device is and put an end to your missing phone calls ways, Techlector has you covered. We have gone through a lot to get you the most appropriate and simplest-to-use applications for locking and restricting the volume on your Android device.

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1. Volume Lock By Evgeni Aizendorf

This app has an uncomplicated design, it contains the easiest answer to your issues. Several types of volumes can be set to different levels, locked, or even given a restricted range. The final one is quite important, especially if you are doing too many things at the same time and cannot even look at your screen as you change the volume. By so doing, you can tamper with your music volume without any potential risk of destroying your eardrums when it reaches maximum. It will also prevent you from muting your sound completely. The application has a 4.4 rating on the Play Store. The reviews are great as well.

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2. Volume Control By Netroken

Volume Control is rated highly and it is quite versatile to use. Locking any volume is great on it. You are allowed to set up volume profiles for several situations, like when you enable Bluetooth or have your headphones plugged in. You can also schedule various profiles by time or place, so the mute can automatically be effected at your place of work, and then go back to default when you get home. It offers loads of home screen widgets, the ones for locking volume and others that will be able to switch between your profiles and modify your vibration settings. It has a 4.3 rating and a million downloads as i type this. Beware of advertisements though.

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3. Button Mapper By Flar2

With Button Mapper, you are able to change the function of any of the hard buttons on your mobile device, or disable them totally. If you are completely fed up of rectifying your volume from time to time, you can always create a solution. There are extra features on this application, it can be set to ensure holding down your volume key for a while will activate your flashlight, or you can enable "pocket detection" if you go for the premium version. It is rated 4.1 on the Play Store.


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